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Mylopotas Ios: Ideally located only 3km away from the main village of Ios (Chora), Mylopotas is one of the most visited and crowded beaches in Ios; a stunning sandy bay with turquoise waters awarded with a Blue Flag. Mylopotas consists of two parts; an organized area equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and an unexploited area where you can lie under the warm sun and spend magical carefree moments. Its crystal clear waters are not only offered for swimming, but also a wide series of adventurous water-sports like scuba diving or windsurfing. The beach is listed among the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Most of the visitors arrive in Mylopotas after the midday, so, if you are a nature lover who seeks tranquillity and relaxation, then you should visit the beach during the early morning hours to fully enjoy its pure, unique beauty and translucent waters. As for party lovers and adventure seekers, this is your Promised Land; with several cafes, restaurants and beach bars on spot (that throw the most legendary beach parties) you will have numerous options to match your taste.

Beyond all the fun and nightlife, Mylopotas also stands out for its hidden gem: the Museum of Modern Art. The museum is housed in the mansion of the French philhellene Jean Marie Drot and was established in 1993. It hosts several works of arts originated from Greece, Poland, Italy, Haiti, and France including paintings, photographs and sculptures.

To arrive in Mylopotas you can easily walk down the hill for 20 minutes or take the bus from the main village of Ios (Chora).

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    • ciarraikelly268 15 Feb 2015
      Wonderful for family or group of friends
      Harmony is such a stunning restaurant, placed up on a cliff overlooking the beach, sunsets here are just beautiful. They have an excellent selection of Mexican cuisine, the fajitas being a personal favourite! And the best sangria on the island! The food is fantastic and priced fairly but its the atmosphere that really makes you want to come back every night. With live music and a chilled vibe you will never want to leave the place!