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According to Herodotus, Ios Island was the homeland of Homer's mother and the place where the famous Greek epic poet was buried. A ruin that can be seen in the village of Plakoto is said to be the tomb of Homer.

Ios is the ideal destination for all kinds of party animals and seekers of great fun and entertainment but can also offer another kind of holiday. Like Mykonos or Paros, Ios is one of the busiest and most touristy islands of the Cyclades. It hosts a wide range of bars and nightclubs as well as cheap drinks and fun. It is the Mecca for all the young people and those who are feeling young, a club-island in a state of eternal partying.
However, at the same time, Ios also has a calmer and more peaceful side: for those who want to relax and see the island, Ios has many beautiful beaches, a lot of which are calm and pristine, while there are some nudist beaches, too.

Moreover, Ios has a charming capital, an interesting rocky landscape with many trekking paths and some archaeological sites. The island's beauty has inspired many artists to come to the island and spend a few months there. The famous Austrian painter Helmut Kand is a characteristic example. Because of these two opposite faces, Ios is considered one of the best islands to visit in the Cyclades, as well as one of the most beautiful.

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43 Reviews
  • janisma 14 Jan 2011
    Great vibes for all ages
    Ios is well known as a party island among the Cyclades. From the moment I arrived there I sensed this lively atmosphere and knew that I was going to have a great time. To go to Chora, we followed the wide stone steps of the old road that comes from the port. Before entering the village you will notice the Orthodox Cathedral. I quickly realized that Chora offers stunning view to the sea, since it is built amphitheatrically. We visited Milopotas beach the same day. It is 2 km to the south of Chora and it is popular for the crystal clear water and its long sandy beach (probably the longest of the island). It offers a lot of entertainment all day long plus you can do plenty of water sports here. Managari beach is a bit far from the port, where was our apartment, about 20 km but it is worth visiting. The food was really nice. I enjoyed the good wine there. Local taverns serve the basic but delicious food and I assure you that it doesn't get much better than this. Do not doubt that apart from the beach bars and the noise, Ios is a lovely island to relax no matter your age.
  • markes 15 Dec 2010
    Refreshing atmosphere and youth
    My relationship with Ios was love at first sight! From the moment I stepped down the ferry, I was amazed at the lovely colours of the village on the slopes of the hill. Blue and white in all its brightness! As the taxi was approaching to Chora, I counted more churches than in any other island. Churches small or big, with blue dome or no dome at all, tall or short bell towers and my favourite: a blue church towards the top of the village under a palm tree.

    The central square has nice bakeries and ice-cream shops. There are also some cafeterias with round tables outside. Early in the morning, you could see only some local old men sitting there, but then they were filling up with tourists too. It was lovely to see the locals play backgammon or cards and talking loudly.

    Mylopotas was the only beach we visited in Ios as our studio was there. Gorgeous beach, exotic water, fabulous beach bars!! What can I say? There were the most relaxing three days from my two week holiday in Greece! The youth and relaxing atmosphere of Ios truly refreshes you!
  • lbrowpop 29 Apr 2010
    Welcome to Ios
    I have now been living in Ios for 21 years. It is a truly magical island, I don't exactly know what it is about the island but you either fall in love with the place immediately or dislike it so much that you never come back.
    Personally I think its quite gob smacking the amount of return visitors we have every year. Ios is known as the party island but there is more to it than that.
    Over the last few years there seems to be more families coming down, more Greeks themselves visiting the island but not as many Italians as there once were. Granted and sadly it is not as cheap as it once was, but if you are on a budget holiday, there are cheap places to stay.
    Ios welcomes travellers of all ages, hope to see some of you this year!
  • bettyisl 28 Feb 2010
    A dream for everyone
    Ios is a dream!! It has something for everyone (except ancient sites!). Beautiful beaches, plenty of sun, Aegean architecture, a rich history, and lots of entertainment. I had a great time in Hora, the main city of Ios, famous for its lively night life and endless fun. Come evening, and the bars and clubs in Hora are bustling with activity. What impressed me most was that by daybreak, Hora transforms from a cosmopolitan town to a peaceful Greek village, where locals calmly go about their chores, a total contrast to the vigorous nightlife the town has. I rented a moped (30 Euros, three days) and visited the finest beaches on the island (Mylopotas, Agia Theodoti, Manganari). I also explored the mountains and discovered some miraculously secluded beaches not yet spoilt by the effects of package tourism. Chora also has fine restaurants, where I tasted some delicious, cheap delicacies, like a shish kebab made by grilling lamb chunks in a rich marinade of locally grown vegetables.
  • mauricia4312 01 Feb 2010
    Great party atmosphere
    Ios is a great place to chill out and have fun. Chora and the beaches around Chora seem always on the move, restless and loud. Mylopotas have the best water on the island and the best beach bars!! I loved that music was on from early in the morning till next morning!! Chora also had some nice bars but dancing on the sand and swimming at night was an awesome experience!!!

    Do not take many clothes and certainly no good clothes or high heels. Probably two pairs of sandals, two swimming tanks and a few light clothes are just great. You buy the rest there. After all, you will be out all day and come back to the hotel in the evening to have a shower from the salty sea and get dressed to go out again!!

    The ferry trip from Athens was a bit long but the time flew. Every hour we passed another island before we reach Ios. Chora has the best gyros restaurants. I didn't like that some international cuisine venues were open in Chora. Why need an expensive international dish when you have delicious gyros for just 2 euros?
  • Rafaella_C 29 Dec 2009
    Like two different islands
    Our holidays in Ios were very relaxing. We stayed at a small family hotel in Ormos right by the sea. All the houses in Ios are white in colour and Chora has a traditional atmosphere and gorgeous views. The main square of Chora is a shopper's paradise. I could not resist the temptation to buy some jewelry of corals and wood. All restaurants on the island had amazing dishes but gyros was the cheapest and mot delicious food to eat!! Bakeries also have the best cheese pies!!

    All activities in Iosgather in Chora and Mylopotas. All bars and clubs are there and the atmosphere is so refreshing with the swimming and the loud music of beach bars. Strangely enough, most people were about 20 which makes these places strictly-for-young. On the southern side of Ios, there are many nice beaches but things are more quiet there. It is like two different islands: busy in Chora and isolate in south. I noticed a couple of good trekking paths in Ios if you like trekking, but it is not a nice idea in the middle of summer.
  • nick_b 17 Dec 2009
    Eat and swim a lot
    Ios is typical Cyclades. White houses, nice beaches, clear sky and delicious gyros. Chora was obviously the only village on Ios. The rest places were just organized tourist resorts. You know the type, with lots of hotels and taverns and bars that try to give a traditional view but in fact they seem so fake. Chora, on the other side, was lovely. It was busy all day and night but still it had a charming effect on me. White houses lay on top of hills and paved streets pass between them. On top of this hill, there is a small church with awesone view. In the day, people go to the beaches but at night they come to Chora for nightlife.

    Mylopotas and Chora are the best clubbing spots on Ios. I liked Liquid for music and Disco 44 for the people. Ios is mostly for young people who want to have fun. It is like a sister to Mykonos and Paros, only nightlife is more concentrated in two places. If you are not looking for clubbing, you go to beaches like Manganari or Agia Theodoti. Eat a lot of gyros and swim as much as you can. I think it was good that there were no fast food on Ios except for the kebad/gyros venues, no KFCs or McDonalds. You eat this stuff all the time at home, so why you need them on vacation when you can eat delicious cheap souvlaki?
  • joankam 03 Nov 2009
    Just clubs and beaches
    Ios is like the twin island of Mykonos! Girls and boys dancing all over, bars, parties, the overcrowded beach of Milopotas and of course fun fun fun! The island is full of Irish and Italians and most of them own really good spots for food, drink and music as the majority of locals also speak at least on foreign language. Don't forget to take a night walk with the pirate ship "Leigh Browne", really cool! Not to much to see in Iosgenerally, just clubs and beaches, so if you are young you will love it!Local tastes: the rice-filled flower of the zucchini and the watermelon pie, sweet, cool and smells like summer! Prices not very low unfortunately!
  • daniela6709 04 Sep 2009
    Swim in the moonlight
    The trip from London to Ios was very very long but interesting and rather beautiful! The village of Chora is so beautiful and romantic, sunsets are like in dreams, sea is incredible clear and blue. I found most beaches of Ios incredible, especially Manganari beach and Agia Theodoti. What I actually did was swimming, laying on the beach and on the evenings walking in Chora. Oh, and eating giros, giros, giros! You don't need nothing else for food!

    The best would be to let Iosstay natural as much as it is possible, so don't build big hotel complex, let the island stay authentic and traditional as it is. And low the music of the clubs, it can be annoying sometimes when you want to walk calmly to have the loud music spoil your romantic atmosphere. If you book a hotel room close to the beach, go swimming at night. Of course, make sure you know the beach first, you will not want to cut your leg on a rock or step on an urchin! Swimming and laying on the beach under the moonlight, with the soft noise of the close taverns, is such a nice experience. Stays in memories for all winter long, till next summer!
  • ekate5658 31 Jul 2009
    Take care of drunken kids
    Ios was our next stop to the Greek islands. After five days in Paros, we thought about going for 3 days to Ios before we set home. Well, actually, these two islands look much alike, only Iosis more quiet. There are bars but they are concentrated in Chora. In the beaches, there are beach bars but they usually close at midnight. What I noted is that this is mostly the island of teenagers. In Paros, you could see many young people at bars, but in Ios most were under 18 in clubs and bars. Some were drinking a lot and were doing stupid things, like swimming at night, drunken, you know kids. You should really take care of them with police men patrolling or baywatchers at night. That is how serious accidents happen!! The beaches of Ios are nice: long, sandy and clean. Maganari and Koubara are the best. Mylopotas was very crowded, there was no room to sit. Chora was nice but typical: white houses and paved streets as usual. I think Naoussa on Paros had a more personal and traditional style.
  • 123ytre 29 Jun 2009
    Dancing is all you do
    What else to do in Ios than swim and dance? Ios is the island of the youth, as they say. Like Mykonos. If you are not 18, you will see just a nice landscape and clean beaches. But if you are 18, you will dance all day in the beach bars and see the sunset with a drink at hand and swim at night under the moonlight and meet people and have fun!!! This is waht Ios has to offer. You can find beautiful beaches in all Greek islands, but Ios is something more. No drugs and drunken gays like in Mykonos, but nice dancing and fun! In the day, swim in Manganari and Koumbara but in the evening wear a light dress (and no heels! all streets are paved) and go meet new people. I made friends in Ios from other countries and we still talk on the web. Planning to go back this summer and meet again all together!
  • 34gyt 16 Jun 2009
    People become talkative in vacations
    Ios was only a short ferry trip from Paros. These two islands look much to each other: the same architecture, friendly people, gorgeous beaches and vivid clubs. I like that clubs in Greece are open all night, it is something different for other countries and young people especially appreciate it a lot. I thought Ios was mostly a clubbing island but as usual there are both spots for young and for older people. Do not wate your time exploring the island, you will not find anything special. Do not go to the tomb of Homer, very disappoing site (it is not actually a site!). The only reason to go there is to see the view, otherwise it is timeconsuming for nothing. In Ios, better stick to the usual beaches and palces, you will like them better. Mylopotas and Papa beach have the best water and the softest sand in all Greece, Beach bars are also very funny, you could spend there all daya nd night and still have fun. It is nice to meet new people. I met many people on Ios from different and still have contact with them. It is amazing how talkative and friendly people become in their vacations.
  • ben67 27 May 2009
    Parties do not affect relaxation
    First I didn't want to go to Ios. It is always advertised as a party island for the youth. What I found was a lovely island with much traditional colours and wonderful beaches. Yes, there are parties, but gathered at some points. They don't much affect tourists who want to relax. It is a shame that so few advertisements and travel guides focus on the natural beauty of the island.

    Beaches on Ios are gorgeous, you will love Manganari and Koumbara, while Papa beach has the cleanest water. Greece never disapponits you when it comes to beaches! More quiet beaches are Kalamos and Psathi, most suitable for families. The best restaurant on the island is "The Nest" in Chora. Excellent food, good variety and not overpriced. We were lucky to discover it the second day and we had most of our meals on Ios there.
  • susiler 18 Apr 2009
    Variety for all tastes
    I love Ios! It was my second time to the island last summer. Chora is very beautiful with the white houses, the mills and the small streets. Kolitsani, Manganari and Psathi are fantastic beaches. People is kind and easygoing, communication will be easy.

    Food is also great. My favourite restaurant is The Mills on mills square and also The Nest and Psarri. For mexican food, Harmony is the best. Also Delphini is a great place. I found Ali Baba disappointing for the prices and the food.

    I read in the previous reviews that Ios is a place only for the teenagers. Well, I suppose it is true that Ios has much nightlife, but I also found quiet places on the island, away from noise and crowd. It depends on what you want.
  • christa21 30 Mar 2009
    Most clubbers are teenagers
    Most of the houses and hotels on Ios are painted in white and blue which gives a clean picture of the island. The people are very friendly there. It is a quite island which turns into parties during the night, however most of the clubbers there are teenagers. The beaches are wonderful, especially the nice crystal waters of Manganari beach, around an hour drive from the town and by the way, chaos and traffic does not exist on the island of Ios which makes it more quite and relaxing. Another nice beach is Mylopotas, which is the most frequented beach on the island with a club on the opposite side of the beach and many other restaurants.
  • federpu 09 Mar 2009
    Expectations were met and beyond
    The island was absolutely perfect for what my wife and I were looking for: a relaxing place, various SAND beaches to visit, good food and a beautiful, not too pricey place to stay. All our expectations were met and beyond. The hospitality at the hotel was brilliant, the scenery from the hotel was marvellous (e.g. the best terrace ever to watch the sunset - it became a daily ritual to have a drink at that time of the day just to watch the daylight coming to an end).

    The hotel (Liostasi Hotel) in general was gorgeous, very well maintained and with a chill out music all day that made us constantly feel in a spa, the beaches were nice and so relaxing / silent that we could hardly think of anything, and the food...well, these guys really know how to have a great meal. Every place, regardless of being in the main village or in an isolated beach with only one restaurant, the food everywhere was very good, tasty and the cheese (which is produced in the island) was absolutely glorious.

    As for the authorities, they should try and get involved in making sure that ferries arrive and leave on time. On the return boat trip, the ferry was one and a half hours late and I missed my flight back to London! Plan your boat trips considering delays from the ferriess as Greeks are a bit laid back and they don't tend to compromise that much. And as for the taxis, it's not very nice having to wait for more people when taking a taxi, so the taxi driver can make more money with one trip.
  • matteocom 05 Oct 2008
    An island for all tastes
    IOS is the best choice for you if you want to combine calm with wild vacations. When I went to Ios for the first time, I did not know what to expect from the island. This summer I went there for the second time and I knew that it would satisfy even my greatest expectations.
    First of all, there are a lot of sandy beaches that can be visited either by car or by boat such as Mylopotas, Koumbara, Agia Theodoti, Magganari and Tzamaria. Mylopotas is the most popular beach of the island and one of the biggest beaches that I have ever seen.
    Concerning the nightlife, there are suggestions for all tastes. In Chora, the capital of Ios, there is a variety of restaurants and bars. If you want to enjoy a drink under the moonlight, there are small bars in the narrow streets of Ios with lounge music. However, there are many clubs too, where you can have the wildest nights of your life dancing and listening to all kinds of music.
  • ivana26 23 Aug 2008
    Swim and eat giros
    I travelled from Beograd to Ios, the trip was very very long but interesting and rather beautiful..! The village of Chora is so beautiful and romantic, sunsets are like in dreams, sea is incredible clear and blue. I found mostly beaches of Ios incredible, especially Manganari beach and Agia Theodoti. What I actually did was swimming, laying on the beach and on the evenings walking in Chora. Oh, and eating giros, giros, giros! You don't need nothing else for food! The best would be to let the island stay natural as much as it is possible, so don't build big hotel complex, let the island stay authentic and traditional as it is.
  • ashley20245 21 Apr 2008
    Crazy nightlife and beautiful beaches
    I was recommended by some friends to go to Ios last summer and it was indeed a truly fun holiday. The beaches were gorgeous, the nightlife was crazy and the village of Chora very beautiful. My favorite beaches were Mylopotos and Manganari but you should spend some time to go to all beaches. Also check out some churches and Homer's tomb. Even if you have visited other Greek islands, Ios will amaze you! Just try to go to Ios by plane because the ferry from Athens to Ios is too long.
  • adelinacom 19 Mar 2008
    I will definitely go again
    I took a plane to Athens and from there a ferry-boat to Ios Island. I discovered the island in a magazine and read more about it on the internet, so I decided to visit it. Before my arrival there, I thought Ios was an island with beautiful beaches, sea, offering at the same time fun for young people, and indeed, that's what it is! I recommend this island to everyone. I liked most the beaches of Manganari and Agia Theodoti where I could do beach-sports. I loved the nightlife and went to a lot of bars and clubs. One thing I think that the authorities should ameliorate on the island is public transportations: the bus worked only until 1 o'clock in the morning, but on an island so fun at night, I think buses should operate all night long. For your convenience, I suggest that you rent a motorbike to visit the island because there are a lot of beautiful beaches but they are far from each other. I will definitely come again someday.
  • luciano_s 26 Feb 2008
    If you are not a teen do not stop at Ios
    I came to Greece by plane from Italy and then took the boat to Ios from the port of Piraeus. I myself had the brilliant idea of visiting it. I thought it would be an island full of picturesque villages and beaches, but I was disappointed when I saw that it wasn't what I expected. Although the landscapes, the villages and the beaches are beautiful, when it comes to peace and quiet, Ios is not the place. The island is full of teen-agers that change the authenticity of the villages and of the island on the whole. So, if you are not a "teen" don't stop at Ios! The best activity on the island was swimming; I recommend Manganari beach, although I won’t come back because it is not the right island for people of my age.
  • ascialom 27 Dec 2007
    Life is easy and simple
    I love IOS because life is easy and simple: the young people have a good spirit to party, the greek of IOS are nicer than in those in Mykonos. Parties are cool, you change of disco several time in one night. If you like volley ball, some people are coming every year to play at Mylopotas beach
    Food is ok, but nothing special. Nevertheless I advice you to go Harmony Restaurant, this place is between Chora and Mylopotas: you can get some rest in hamacs and enjoy the hippie way of life, and the view on the sea is great.
    Be cool at Ios, and Ios will give you more than you expect.
  • Melissa_Canada 29 Oct 2007
    Ios has some of the most beautiful beaches
    Ios has some of the most beautiful beaches that we visited on our trip to the Greek islands (Mylopotas, Manganari, Theodori). This island made for a beautiful daytrip adventure driving around the high mountains and visiting Homer's tomb, beaches and the mountain top views. Nightlife was young and not very good if you are above 20 yrs old. The village at night seemed a little dangerous too. They could clean up the town at night and have more security so that Ios nightlife can be enjoyed by all ages over 20 years old. Food was good. Ios had a great Thai food restaurant next to Ios Palace. Quick Souvlaki pita at Mylopotas beach in Ios was delicious... Definetely renting a car is a must and driving around the mountains visiting various beaches and of course Homer's tomb.
  • Nicole_C 19 Jul 2007
    A lot to do on the island
    I left from Montreal with a regular flight with a transfer in Switzerland and then I continued my trip to Ios by ferry boat. Ios was a recommendation of some friends of mine, and indeed, I loved it! It is a beautiful island with perfect landscapes, although it has almost no green at all, very nice beaches with crystal waters, the best one was in Mylopotas. The favorite thing on the island was Food! I love Greek food. Greek people are very friendly and nightlife on the island is great! If you’re looking for authenticity, peace and quiet, Ios is not the place, and as for excursions or sightseeing, I can’t tell you much, as I didn’t do any, but there’s a lot to do on the island and the prices are very reasonable. I don’t know if I'll come again, as I always like to see something new, but I definitely recommend it! I’d rate the overall quality of services with a 9/10.
  • Alice_D 24 Apr 2007
    I loved everything about Ios
    Name: Alice Davis Nationality: Canadian
    Age: 18

    I chose Ios Island as some friends described it as a party island, and I wasn't disappointed! I got there by ferry-boat from Paros. The trip was good and took us 6 hours. It was exactly as I expected! The weather was great, I loved everything about Ios; the island, its beautiful landscapes and the amazing beaches with crystal-clear waters. The food at the various restaurants and taverns was very good and the prices quite good, not to mention about nightlife: AMAZING is the word that best describes it! The local people were very friendly and hospitable. The hotel we stayed at was terrific, and the beach nearby, too. As for my favorite pastime: tanning and swimming all day long on the beach and going out at night drinking! I will definitely come again! I’d rate the overall quality, organization, and services of Ios Island with a 9/10.

  • John_V 07 Feb 2007
    Exceptional nightlife and beaches
    Nationality: Canadian
    Countries visited: 1-5
    The trip: I arrived on the island by boat with a normal ferry. The trip was very good though there was a delay.
    Reasons for going to Ios: Recommended by friends
    Idea about the island of Ios before arriving:. Expected exceptional nightlife and good beaches
    - Island/area: 8/10
    - Landscapes: 9/10
    - Tree Covered: 5/10
    - Beaches & waters: 10/10
    - Cleanliness: 8/10
    - Villages: 9/10
    - Main Town: 9/10
    - Food/ restaurants: 9/10
    - Nightlife: 10/10
    - Local people: 7/10
    - Accommodation: 9/10
    - Activities: 8/10
    - Prices: 7/10
    - Public Transportations: 8/10
    - Authenticity 8/10
    - Peace & quiet 10/10
    - Weather 10/10
    Favorite things about Ios
    Best Activity: tanning/drinking
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: red bull
    Anything negative about the island of Ios: Nothing negative to mention, maybe the prices are too high.
    Recommendations: Visit far out beach club
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 10/10.
  • Elena_1984 30 Jan 2007
    Super nightlife

    Nationality: Italy
    Age: 22
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The trip: I arrived on Ios by plane and boat. The plane was delayed but the trip was good. My plane left from Bergamo instead of Milan, 4 hours later
    Reasons for going to Ios: Proposed by travel agency. It was a special offer for university students
    Idea of Ios before arriving: Many people told me I would have met only teenagers, I was a little worried. I new that nightlife in Ios is super, but as I appreciate italian food I was afraid that I would eat all the holiday long!
    - Island/Area : 8/10
    - Landscapes : 9/10
    - Tree Covered : 6/10
    - Beaches and Waters : 9/10
    - Cleanliness : 6/10
    - Villages : 7/10
    - Main Town : 7/10
    - Food/Restaurants : 9/10
    - Nightlife : 8/10
    - Local People : 7/10
    - Accommodations : 7/10
    - Activities : 6/10
    - Excursions : 10/10
    - Sightseeing : 10/10
    - Prices : 10/10
    - Public Transportations : 8/10
    - Authenticity : 6/10
    - Peace and quiet : 7/10
    - Weather : 10/10
    Best Beaches: In the north of Ios
    Best Activity: Clubbing and hanging out on the beach.
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: 69
    Anything negative about Ios or needs improvement: Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!
    Recommendations: Its perfecet!!
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10.
  • Elena_A 21 Dec 2006
    The best place in Greece
    Nationality: Norwegian

    Age: 27

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by plane and boat with Sterling. The trip was good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Ios: Discovered Ios on the Internet

    Idea before arriving on Ios: I did not know what to expect when I went to Ios. I thought it would be bigger than what it was, but not as much fun as it was and less clean than it was too. I was pleasantly surprised! It was the best place in Greece I have ever been to :)

    - Island/Area : 8/10

    - Landscapes : 6/10

    - Tree Covered : 4/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 8/10

    - Cleanliness : 9/10

    - Villages beauty : 9/10

    - Main Town beauty : 9/10

    - Food/Restaurants : 8/10

    - Nightlife : 10/10

    - Local People : 8/10

    - Lifestyle : 10/10

    - Activities : 7/10

    - Excursions & Sightseeing : 5/10

    - Prices : 8/10

    - Authenticity : 8/10

    - Peace and quiet : 7/10

    - Weather : 10/10

    Favorite things about Ios

    -Best Beaches: The main beach

    -Best Villages: The town city centre

    -Best Activity: Nightlife

    -Best Bar/Pub/Club: Rehab, Scorpion, Superfly

    Negative opinion about Ios island


    Recommendations for future visitors

    Go here!!!

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • P_Pastor 20 Nov 2006
    The nightlife and laying on the beach
    Nationality: Spanish

    Age: 27

    Countries visited: 5-10

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by boat. The trip was very good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Ios: Recommended by friends

    Idea before arriving: My idea of the island was in line with what I found later: good beaches, beautiful villages and intense nightlife

    - Island/Area : 8/10

    - Landscapes : 6/10

    - Tree Covered : 5/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 8/10

    - Cleanliness : 8/10

    - Villages beauty : 9/10

    - Main Town beauty : 9/10

    - Food/Restaurants : 6/10

    - Nightlife : 10/10

    - Local People : 7/10

    - Lifestyle : 8/10

    - Activities : 8/10

    - Excursions & Sightseeing : 8/10

    - Prices : 6/10

    - Authenticity : 6/10

    - Peace and quiet : 6/10

    - Weather : 10/10

    Opinion about the accommodations on Ios:

    - General, for Accommodation : 8/10

    - Location (surroundings) : 8/10

    - Access (distance from town, beach) : 9/10

    - Facilities (air-condition, telephone, TV) : 6/10

    - Comfort : 8/10

    - Service : 7/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 6/10

    - Price : 7/10

    Opinion about catering:

    - General, for catering : 6/10

    - Quality of food/drinks : 6/10

    - Variety of dishes/drinks : 6/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 6/10

    - Service : 6/10

    - Environment : 10/10

    - Prices : 6/10

    - Access (distance from town, beach, hotel) : 10/10

    Opinion about local transportation on Ios:

    - General, for local transportation : 6/10

    - Vehicle's conditions : 4/10

    - Service : 6/10

    - Safety : 4/10

    - Tickets and prices : 6/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 7/10

    - Conditions of roads : 4/10

    - Parking areas : 6/10

    Favorite things about the island/area

    -Best Beaches: Milopotas

    -Best Villages: Hora (Port)

    -Best Activity: Going to the beach and clubs

    Negative opinion about the island

    Catering was always the same, most of it based on gyros, pizza or fast food. Not very much places to choose if you are looking for something different (although there are some places if you search)

    Recommendations for future visitors to Ios

    If you are looking for young people, nightlife and lying in the sun, it's the proper place. If you are looking for something different or a peaceful life, don’t go there

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • C_Gradassi 02 Nov 2006
    I am totally satisfied
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 23

    Countries visited: 1-5

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by plane and boat with Air Italy. The trip was very good but the plane was delayed. It took almost two hours to pull back our luggage

    Reasons for going to Ios: I wanted to visit Greece and a friend of mine told me that Ios is great: she was definitely right!

    Idea before arriving: I hoped there were beautiful beaches, good food and mostly a wild nightlife: I'm totally satisfied! Also the weather was sunny for two entire weeks

    Favorite things about the island/area

    -Best Beaches: Mylopotas and Manganari

    -Best Villages: Chora

    -Best Activity: relaxing on the beach

    -Best Bar/Pub/Club: Shamrock

    Negative opinion about the island:

    Maybe an airport?

    Recommendations for future visitors

    Don't think about anything, just have a lot of fun!

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • A_Wheeler 06 Sep 2006
    Party Island especially for young people

    Nationality: Australian

    Age: 24

    Countries visited: >15-30

    The trip: : I arrived on the island by boat with the Santorini Express. The trip was very good with no delays.

    Reasons for going to Ios: Recommended by friends

    Idea of the island/area before arriving: Sandy beach not rocks, Party Island - especially for young people.

    - Island/area: 8/10

    - Landscapes: 7/10

    - Tree Covered: 5/10

    - Beaches & waters: 9/10

    - Cleanliness: 9/10

    - Villages: 10/10

    - Main Town: 5/10

    - Food/ restaurants: 7/10

    - Nightlife: 8/10

    - Local people: Haven't meet any

    - Accommodation: 9/10 7/10 Toilets at Far Out Camping are terrible

    - Activities: 6/10

    - Excursions: 6/10

    - Sightseeing: 5/10

    - Prices: 8/10

    - Public Transportations: 9/10

    - Authenticity 5/10

    - Peace & quiet 7/10

    - Weather 10/10

    Best Beaches: Mylopotas

    Best Activity: Hiking Lying in the sun by the pool.

    Best Bar/Pub/Club: Fun Rub / Flames

    Negative opinion: The bars are all too small and play the same music. The beach is nice but there are too many drunken tourists I think it is somewhere only to come when you're young.

    Recommendations: Don't stay too long if you want 'real Greece' stay at Far Out Camping -it is great!

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10.

  • Dirtbiker13 08 Jun 2006
    Island House , Great place to stay
    One of the best places to stay in Greece.

    Island House is a great place to stay, very friendly owners who do all they can to help you have a wonderful time. The appartments were spacious, clean and well equiped. The pool area was great, lovely water and a great setting.

    The appartments are set 200m back from the beach up a sandy track, this was well lit and no problem to get to the resort. The location was in the middle of the beach so it was easy to get to the Far out for a few cocktails from Spiros, one of the best barmen I have seen !!!!

    If you want a quiet place to recover from the last nights drinking, then this is very recommended.
  • paris_d 07 Jun 2006
    Lot of fun
    Nationality: British

    Age: 28

    Date: 21.05.2006

    Countries visited: >10

    The trip: I got to Ios Island by plane (British Airway) to Athens and then by boat (Hellenic seaways) from the port of Piraeus. The trip was very good. No delays and it took 5 hours to reach Athens.

    Reasons for going to Ios: The island was recommended by friends.

    Idea before arriving: Good weather, lively nightlife, beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, great food, etc...

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expectations. It is a great island and I had a lot of fun. Met really interesting people.

    - Island/area: 9/10

    - Landscapes: 9/10 Great landscapes. Very dry. Was amazed to see cactus on the island.

    - Tree Covered: 1/10 No trees at all. I think it gives all the charm of the island

    - Beaches & waters: 7/10 Great beaches. Saw only a couple but long and sandy with great waters.

    - Cleanliness: 8/10

    - Villages: 9/10 There is only one village and the port. The main village, hora, is realy charming. A typical cycladic village with many colours, paved alleys, little houses, churches...

    - Food/ restaurants: 8/10 A large choice of restaurants.

    - Nightlife: 9/10 Many many bars and clubs. This is the main activity of the island.

    - Local people: 9/10 Friendly and helpful

    - Accommodation: 6/10 No high standards

    - Prices: 7/10

    - Public Transportations: 8/10

    - Authenticity 10/10

    - Peace & quiet 10/10 It was very clam in the end of May. Heard it was getting very crowded in high season

    - Weather 10/10 Great weather.

    Favorite thing about Ios: The fact that I was away from home :) and the cloudy days. I loved this island because everything is beautiful under the hot sun and you easily met people. The general atmosphere was great.

    Favorite beach: Mylopotamos for its proximity to the town. There are watersports available there.

    Favorite activity: Lying by the pool

    Best bar/restaurant: Lord Byron

    Negative opinion: None. Everything is great there.

    Recommendations: Just go there! You will enjoy the island much even if you are not a party animal!

    I think I will go to Ios again. Next time I will try to go in high season -even if more expensive- just to feel the atmosphere.

    I will recommend this island to others.

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10

  • spaggers 13 May 2006
    Ios is heaven on earth
    Ios is the best place I have ever been to. It has the most amazing beaches and scenery. The night life isn't bad either! The food is fantastic and value for money and as for these reviews saying it's full of Italians, I have been to Ios 8 times and have never noticed? One great thing is that there are no English people because, although I am English myself, I am not that keen and the traditional english holiday maker! In general, the people are fanttastic, just like the island itself.
  • lazy_crown 06 Apr 2006
    A little disapointed
    Nationality: Norwegian

    Age: 18

    The trip: We took the plane from Oslo to Santorini and then took a boat to Ios. It was a really nice trip.

    Reasons for going to Ios: I had heard great things about Ios. I was on Kos 2 years ago and really enjoyed beeing in Greece and that is the reason why I choose to go back but on an other island. Greece is a really good country to go for holidays.

    Idea before arriving: Before going to Ios Island I thought that there will be a lot of Scandinavians. That it would be hot with great beaches and many parties.

    Expectations and opinions: It was ok but I am a little disapointed. The island itself was really beautiful but the beaches were really far away from our hotel. The island was full of italians and very little Scandinavians.

    Favorite thing about Ios: The parties and all the drinking. Met the "Laborghini" coctail.

    Negative opinion: Too much wind, too much italians. The cleaning lady of our hotel was really angry all the time.

    Recommendations: Go to Lemon. Shots for 1 Euro. Go to Mylopotas for the great beach and don't go bungy jumping.

    No, I don't think that I will go back to Ios.

  • nathie 26 Feb 2006
    Exciting party island with also great beaches
    Nationality: Norway

    Age: 18

    The trip: We got to Ios Island by boat from Santorini. It was a pretty crowded boat so we had to sit inside. The air condition was too cool and we really wanted to spend the journey outside viewing the sea.

    Reasons for going to Ios: It is the third year I go to Ios Greece to spend my holidays. I love the island for its incredible beaches, the party scene and the friendly people.

    Idea before arriving: The first time I went to Ios I thought that it eould be a party island. The island was recommended to me by friends.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expactations. It is really a party island by excellence. I was really impressed that so many people were there for the same reason than me: party, party, party... The scene begins after 12h and before, it is difficult to say that it is one of the most active islands of Greece. After 12h, the streets of the town of Ios start beeing very crowded of people looking for a good place to start their night.

    Ios is really a great place for holidays. There are also many other interests than its exciting nightlife. The beaches of Ios are really amazing. White sand and turquoise waters. The town itself (a village) is really charming with its typical greek island architecture.

    Favorite about the island: The nightlife (of course) and the beach Mylopotas

    Negative opinion: It is a very windy island and there are too much Italians. You hear italian everywhere! Sometimes you feel more on an italian island that a greek one.

    Recommendations: Wear good shoes, stay at sunrise but be prepared of a hell of a hill climb.

    Yes, If I already went there three times there will be definitely a fourth time also
  • magnuspear 12 Dec 2005
    Lay in the sun by day and dance all night
    Nationality: Norwegian

    Age: 19

    The trip: I took a plane and then the boat. The boat trip was very long but in general everything was ok without any delay.

    Reasons for going to Ios: I heard a lot lately about Greece as the Olumpic Games took place there. A heard also a lot about Ios, that it was the best party island and had great weather and beaches.

    Idea before arriving: I thought that it would be a typical Cycladic island full of white painted houses and nice beaches.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations. It is better than what I could think of. The beaches are extraordinary and the town is full of bars and clubs. The atmosphere is very friendly. The people are less than 30 years old and from all destinations. It was a great experience.

    Favorite thing about Ios: The endless parties and the beach of Mylopotas.

    Negative opinion: The wind. Too much wind on this island. Sometimes it is really difficult after a night in a club to go rest on the beach.

    This island is also full of Italians. I have nothing against them but sometimes you could feel more on an italian island than a greek.

    Recommendations: Lay in the sun by day and go dance at night.

    I would love to go back to Ios!!!!

  • magnum_ss 10 Nov 2005
    Party island but disapointed by the clubs
    Nationality: Norvegian

    Age: 19

    The trip: I went to Athens by airplane and then I got a ship from Piraeus to Ios Island. The trip was nice. It was my first time in Greece so I enjoyed it.

    Reasons for going to Ios: Because they told me that it is a very nice idsland and that it has a lot of fun.

    Idea before arriving: That it would be a party island with nice landscapes and beaches.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations. It is a very good island, very clean and the people the people are very friendly, helpful and in good mood.

    Favorite thing about Ios: The FAR OUT

    Negative opinion: The clubs. I liked much the bars but the clubs were not good.

    I will definitely get back there! A lot of fun!
  • luskin 29 Sep 2005
    Best party island
    Nationality: Puerto Rican

    Age: 21

    The trip: I came from Mykonos by ferry. It was nice but very long.

    Reasons for going to Ios: Heard much about Greece lately and heard that Ios was a party island.

    Idea before arriving: Knew nothing about it.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations. All of my expectations! It is cheaper than Mykonos and the place is beautiful.

    Favorite thing about Ios: The girls!

    Negative opinion: Wish it was closer to home

    Recommendations: Book a room in advance. We were lucky getting a room at Hermes!

    I will definitely get back there!
  • kane 22 Sep 2005
    Women and party
    Nationality: New Zealand

    Age: 28

    The trip: We reach the island of Ios by ferry from Santorini.

    Reasons for going to Ios: I heard it was a great party island and was recommended by friends from Uk.

    Idea before arriving: I thought it was a great place for party, that there are beautiful beaches, good seafood and reasonable prices.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations in every way and even better!

    Favorite thing about Ios: Party and women!!!!

    Negative opinion: The bars closed at 5:00 pm and it was very windy during all my stay.

    Recommendations: Go to Hermes hotel!

    I will go back to Ios!
  • kjataor 22 Sep 2005
    Party Island
    Nationality: Norvegian

    Age: 18

    The trip: I arrived on Ios Island by ferry from Santorini. I must admit that I was drunk so the trip was ok.

    Reasons for going to Ios: I chhose Ios because it is a party island and it looked cool.

    Idea before arriving: I thought it was much smaller but that it was a great party island.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations but it was really too windy. It is a great island.

    Favorite thing about Ios: Party!!!!

    Negative opinion: Too windy islanb and too much italians. Do not expect the taxi will come if you call for one.

    Recommendations: Stay at Sunrise!

    I think will come back on the island.
  • yann_tules 21 Sep 2005
    An Island of Alternatives
    I took my vacations during August (with everybody else) so I was obliged to go during that month to Ios ,and I wanted to go to that particular island because I heard so many good things about it; and I had some of the best times of my life.

    During the day, if I wanted to be with a lot of people (of all ages) I would go to the beach resort called Mylopotas where you have all kinds of water sports, beach bars, music and fun; but if I preferred a calmer alternative, I would choose between the numerous sandy beaches of the island which are very beautiful and, strangely, almost deserted (even in August).

    At nights, I was trying various bars and clubs depending to the music I would like to hear.

    I had a very good time. The thing I really like with Ios is that it is a island of alternatives where you can?t never get bored.
  • dim737 04 Jul 2005
    Beautiful Ios but misunderstood...
    For me Ios is one of the best places I have ever been to, it?s like paradise.
    A lot of guides are criticising this island, saying that it is full of drunken people or people on drugs and that if you want to go for a drink, you have to step over numerous bodies.

    That?s all bullocks. Okay, you have many people in the bars and clubs and in the narrow streets of the lovely capital after midnight but it is more like a party where everyone is invited and everyone is happy.
    And if you want to pass a quieter or a romantic night you can always go to a beach and admire the stars.
    Another thing that only a few guides do mention is that Ios is full of incredible long sandy beaches with fantastic crystal waters which are totaly deserted (in opposition to the always crowded Mylopotamos) even in high season; and with a little searching you will certainly find a deserted beach or cove, like a private paradise. There are just difficult to access and maybe a jeep is necesary (rentals available). But that all the charm about it and a guaranty that no people will be there.
    As I couldn't afford a jeep I had rent a motobike and we accessed the beaches without too much problems (poor bike!).