Ios Geography

Ios is part of the southern Cyclades group, located in the Aegean Sea. Chora is the main village of the island. Only three settlements are inhabited in Ios Greece, These are Chora, the main port Ormos and the touristy settlement of Milopotas but during winter only Chora still has residents. Ios island has an area of 108 square kilometers, it is 17 km long, 7,5 km wide and has a population of 1,500 inhabitants.

The geography of Ios is similar to the other Cyclades islands. The highest peak of the island is Pyrgos, rising at an altitude of 713 meters and situated in the center of the island. Tourism is the main source of income for the inhabitants of Ios, an island that combines history and natural beauty.

Agriculture is practiced on a small scale as is fishing because the waters surrounding the island are not very rich in fishes. Ios has impressive coasts forming beautiful sandy beaches and bays all around the island. Water in the beaches is clean because bays are open and some currents occasionally happen, which clean the bays of Ios. Most famous beaches are Mylopotas, Manganari, and Koumbara.

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