Ios Geography

Ios is the eighth-largest island of the Cyclades. It has a surface of 108 sq. km and its coastline is 87-kilometer-long. The permanent population is 2.300 residents, with many of which being occupied with tourism.

The geography of Ios is similar to the rest of the Cyclades, with scarce vegetation, bare hills, and an overall wild landscape. The island's highest peak is Pyrgos in the center of the island, reaching an altitude of 713 meters. The most fertile land is the area of Kampos on the western side of the island.

Among Ios' top attractions are (undoubtedly) the marvelous beaches. They owe their crystal-clear waters to the fact that the bays are open and occasional currents clean the sea. The most renowned beaches in Ios are Mylopotas, Manganari and Koumbara.

Trekking is a favorite activity of the island's visitors, as it allows them to explore the pristine face of Ios, visit a plethora of points of interest, and gaze at unparalleled views.

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