Ios Local products

Visitors will enjoy plenty of gastronomic experiences in Ios in traditional cuisine, appetizers and local sweets.


Ios cuisine comes from the typical recipes of the Cyclades which are based on the olive oil, fish, cereals, and vegetables. The most characteristic food in Ios is the chickpea balls and some fish which are dried in the sun and cooked in the traditional oven.


Ios is known for its agricultural tradition which contributes to the production of cheese. The dairy products of Ios are handed out in huge amounts all over the Cyclades, Athens and other villages in Greece. A kind of hard cheese is very famous as well as the soft white cheese and the excellent cheese called Xinotiri.


Ios owns a great variety of traditional sweets, including the traditional pasteli (made with honey and sesame), pie with cream cheese, the famous macaron (made with crumbled almond and mastic) and figs.

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