Folegandros Festivals & Cultural Events

During the summer months, visitors can enjoy a plethora of cultural events and local feasts. Folegandros was once an abandoned island but the rapid development brought many changes to the traditional and religious character. Many of the island's customs resist in the passage of time and today visitors have the chance to see and enjoy this beautiful atmosphere of the island. Some of the local feasts that occur in Folegandros are:

Religious feasts & festivals

Easter is the highest celebration in Greece and during that period, the locals organize various ceremonies and revive the old customs. Particularly, on Sunday, the week of Easter the icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) is taken out in the streets of the island from Kastro to Chora. The feasts have a pleasant and cheerful character with continuous treats and traditional dances that last for three days.

August 15th
On August 15th, locals prepare a huge feast at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, to honor the Holy Virgin. It is one of the most idyllic festivals in the Cyclades.

Cultural events

Throughout the year, you see many more feasts taking place in the villages of Folegandros with local musicians and food.

Summer Festival
One of the greatest cultural events on the island during the month of July is the Summer Festival of Folegandros. The whole island celebrates with concerts in the villages of Kastro, Ano Meria, and Karabostasis.

Art events
Folegandros Cultural Society organizes an interesting series of art events where visitors and locals can enjoy several exhibits like photos and ceramic items.