Folegandros Map

Folegandros is one of the most enchanting islands in Greece, part of the Cyclades complex, located between Sikinos and Milos islands. Popular with Athenians and tourists for its incomparable beauty and Venetian atmosphere, the island is considered an excellent destination for alternative vacationers. The genuine Cycladic and unspoiled landscape and the pleasant hiking trails with a view to the Aegean, make Folegandros one of the most attractive islands in the world.

The romantic Chora with its unique medieval character gathers a great number of visitors during the summer. Equally interesting are the few settlements of the island which add to this splendid charm with their traditional and authentic color, the warm hospitality of the locals and the rural simplicity that characterizes most of the Cycladic islands.

This section proposes a map of Folegandros with all the major locations of the island.

Meanwhile, view a map of Folegandros and where is Folegandros.

Map Of Folegandros

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