Folegandros Weather

The weather of Folegandros is dry, with a few rainfalls throughout the year. The island is exposed during the year in strong north winds and their intensity is characterized by the inclination of the trees towards the south. Especially in winter winds are so strong that ships can not approach the port.

South winds are rare during the winter but they occur more often in the spring.  When that happens there is plenty of fog which is quite more intense in the land. The dry north winds perfectly compliment the humidity due to the proximity of the sea. During mid-May and June, the temperature soars a little, but the winds from the northeast have a cooling effect during the summer. Like in almost every part of Greece, Folegandros is ideal to be visited between Easter time and September. Easter time and September.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Folegandros in °C
  April May June July August September October
Air 17 20 25 25 25 23 21
Sea 16 19 22 24 25 23 22