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Antiparos island is a small island of the Cyclades, close to Paros. The main city is found on the north-western tip of the island and is called Antiparos, although it is also known as Kastro. In spite of being small, it has many attractions that assure a good quantity of tourists every year. In fact, the entertainment offered is so varied that it can fulfill the requests of different age ranges, not only during the daytime but also in terms of nightlife.

Regarding its beaches, there is a good number of small and picturesque coasts. One of the main places of interest in Antiparos is its famous cave, dating from ancient years. This cave keeps its stalactites and stalagmites, although, during the war that took place from 1700 to 1774, Russian soldiers cut many of them in order to keep them as souvenirs, the same as the Italian soldiers during the 2nd World War. The cave also has some inscriptions, among which some names that can still be discerned.

Antiparos has also many artistic and cultural events that include exhibitions, plays, literary readings, dance performances, and concerts. There are interesting seminars and art lessons available during the whole year as well. Regarding the celebrations, the island observes many festivals: on May 7th, June 23rd and 24th, and September 7th among others.

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13 Reviews
  • olivia87 10 Dec 2011
    Going again next summer
    While we were in Paros last summer for a ten-day vacation, we visited Antiparos, this beautiful island situated literally opposite Paros. It is a dream island, small and picturesque with whitewashed houses and fantastic balconies with flowers. We went only for the day, so hadn't booked any hotel. Only a walking distance from the port, there are nice sandy beaches, not windy and not crowded. In Chora, we passed by many tourist shops, coffee houses and friendly people. The island is small to get around easily. Maybe if you can rent a motorbike for a day would be nice to see the round of it. We are going again in Paros next summer and we are thinking to book a room in Antiparos for a couple of nights, we want to see the cave and more beaches. Nights are of course not that entertaining as in Paros, but the few bars keep it lively. It would also be nice if there were night parties with fires on the beach, Antiparos is the best place for such atmosphere.
  • mariat1978 11 Aug 2011
    My Return to the Beautiful Island of Antiparos
    I just couldn't stay away and this year my trip was even more amazing than last. I spent 2 and half wonderful weeks enjoying the beaches, restaurants and nightlife. I spent most days at Panagia Beach which is just outside the main town. I dined at Pavlos Place for Pizza and Pasta, Captain Pipinos for the freshest fish, Stathero at the port for good food with a view and Senioris Taverna on the way to Sifnako Beach for delicious tradional food. At night we went for drinks at Rescue to hear Greek Music and then hit the main square for English music. We continued our night at Marianos Club for all night dancing. One of the nicest places to stay was Marianos Apartments and they loved it. It was right next to the port and close to the beaches. The rooms are clean and well kept and very affordable.
  • 2xangela2x 11 Jul 2011
    Perfect balance of fun and relaxation
    My husband and I are completely in Love with Antiparos. We are hard workers who only get a few weeks of vacation each year. We are always looking for the best place to relax but still be able to socialize and have fun.

    Antiparos is the perfect spot for that. We love the beaches and food here. We spend all day relaxing at one of the great beaches and spending time at one of the 2 fun beach bar/ restaurants. Fanari is more relaxing with a nice pool and Time Marine is more upbeat with music and young people. We also spent an afternoon visiting the amazing cave that is located on the island.

    In the evenings we have enjoyed many wonderful meals and then hit the town square for some cocktails. We always would meet new people because everyone is so friendly and nice.

    Our favorite day is when we took the boat tour around the island. Everyone drinks and eats and has a great time. We walked away with some new friends. We will be bring other friends with us on our next vacation there.
  • irene44 06 Mar 2011
    Keep it alternative
    The first time I visited Antiparos was 15 years ago. I come back to this island that I loved from the first sight, for its natural beauty and the picturesque settlements. Antiparos hasn't changed so much, apart from the fact that it has developed much more than my first visit. I remember, walking in the alleys and the quiet narrow streets not knowing where they lead, the taverns with the great food and the little shops that surprised you in every corner. A tour around the island with a boat is a unique experience and the beaches are even greater. Now Antiparos is also great in nature but has more hotels. Fortunately there is a camping near the village that still reminds that most of all Antiparos is an alternative, not cosmopolitan, destination. Visit Despotiko and Saliaga beach which have a rich archaeological interest as well, apart from exotic water. Go to the windmills and see the Cycladic architecture of the houses that take you back to another era.
  • mariat1978 13 Sep 2010
    My favorite vacation spot
    From the beaches, the sight seeing, to the restaurant and the bars. This is my favorite place to vacation. It is small enough to get around easily but with enough to offer to keep you entertained. There are some fabulous beaches, the food is fresh and tastes amazing. The people are friendly and social. The bars/ lounges are all close together which makes it easy to go bar hoping.
    I can't wait to go back.
  • tweetty 03 Jul 2010
    Very relaxing style
    We stayed in a nice hotel right on the harbor of Antiparos. From its spacious terrace, we had a magical view across Paros and the sea. Our room had a private balcony. As this is a tiny island, life revolves around the port and the square which is linked by a main street. The street has plenty of shops and taverns. In Yorgis we had the tastiest zucchini balls, Greek salad and chicken souvlaki, and washed it down with some ouzo.

    There are several beaches on this tiny island, one more beautiful than the other. Many nice beaches are in a walking distance from Chora (camping beach, psaraliki), soft sand and blue water. An organized large camping is located right on the beach and rents tents for sleeping. Small boats from Chora make excursions to close islets, such as Despotiko, with no inhabitants. Parikia is only 30 min by boat from Antiparos and boats are frequent.
  • giusy 20 Jan 2010
    Not so touristic
    The tiny island of Antiparos is mostly for swimming and some lounge evening entertainment. I also saw some clubs there that stayed till morning but most clubs played soft music and were like cafe-bars.

    The beaches were in close distance to Chora and you could go to some on foot. Many nice beaches were close to Chora but if you want to go further, you take the bus or rent a motorbike. Glifa was nice and I saw some free campers there.

    Chora was like other villages of Cyclades. It looked lovely under the bright sun and I enjoyed walking and checking the gift shops. I bought some nice and cheap swimming taks from Antiparos. Do not think about food at all, you will taste great food in any tavern you sit. Have the best gyros at the port and the best fish in Glifa. Prices are better than in Paros, probably because it isn't so touristic.

    You take a boat from Parikia to go to Antiparos and it is very easy to go, only 15-20 minutes, and boats back are very frequently, every hour or so.
  • aless23 03 Jul 2009
    Relaxing and fun
    I learned about Antiparos by chance a few days before I book my tickets to Paros, so we combined these two places. Actually Antiparosis not much different from Paros, it is crowded and has fun nightlife, but the beaches are best than the beaches we found in Paros. Water was more clean and beaches were larger, while on Paros you had to squeeze and try a lot to find a seat in the beach bar. Glifa and Psaraliki were amazing, as all the other beaches, but these were the largest.

    You must put more buses in Antiparos and extend the schedules to other places. It is not good to stick to certain beaches and leave the others because you don't help the island develop. We rented a motorbike for one day to go to the cave and tour around. Food was excellent everywhere, which is not usual in other places in Europe, and people had a big smile when they treated us. This felt good.
  • oilu243 17 Feb 2009
    Nice for swimming and trekking
    I have been in Antiparos five times and I will go again! The island is truly idyllic, some nice sandy beaches, so warm people. so beautiful houses. We stayed at Despina apartments and we had rented a motorbike from Paros to move around. I think the best beach is Psaralyki 2, altough I also liked Glifa. Food is excellent on Antiparos, all dishes are made of local products. Of course, there are no sites to see, except for a cave, where I haven't been to. If you like trekking, you will love Antiparos, as it combines beautiful landscapes and close distances.
  • gina66 29 Oct 2008
    Beautiful beaches
    No impressive historical sites or wild nightlife as in Paros. Just a few, quiet beaches. In contrast to neighbouring busy Paros, Antiparos is a very quiet island with almost no cars. I saw many old men on a horseback on Antiparos. The best beaches are Glyfa and Psaralyki, close to Chora. Go to Antiparos for a day or for a weekend, it is only 15 minutes by boat from Paros.
  • francyfar 17 Apr 2008
    Do some nudism
    We went to Antiparos because we are nudists and there is an official nudist beach there, between Antiparos and Duplo island. It doesn't have a name but once you go to the island, we will definitely find it as all locals and tourists know how to go there. Apart form that, Antiparos is a nice, tiny island. It isn't as lively as Paros nor has so many bars, but it looks like all the other Cyclades islands. White houses, narrow paths, rural roads. Chora is the only village, but you will find lots of places to stay. We had rented a room close to Psaralyki beach, lovely but a bit windy.
  • isabelle_c 17 Jan 2008
    What exactly I had in my mind
    MY holidays to the island of Antiparos were exactly what I had in mind when I imagined Greek islands. White houses, hot sun, beautiful beaches and small churches everywhere! I spend one week there, I travelled to Paros island by plane from Athens and then I took the little boat to Antiparos port. From Paros the trip lasted about half an hour, the boats leave every 40 minutes. I stayed in St.George, one of the popular places of the island, beach was great. The nightlife is not that much in Antiparos, it's more a place to relax and enjoy quiet holidays. I found the food really tasty, most with kapari and a sour traditional cheese. In the evenings I liked so much going to the outdoor cinema, it was so romantic! I recommend it to couples. Don't miss the cave of Antiparos, it's one of the oldest in Europe, thre are daily buses that take you there.
  • rodyn 21 Sep 2007
    A really charming island
    A small island with a charming main village and some beaches.
    I perfect place to have relaxing holidays.
    There is no much to do there. But Paros is so close that you can go for daily excursions. I recommend this island.