Antiparos Architecture

The architecture of Antiparos is a great example of the Cycladic architecture with cobbled streets, low whitewashed houses, vaulted cubes, and nice roofs and enjoins all the austere elements of this beautiful traditional mood. In the middle of the island stands the Venetian castle that combines a quite unique and specific architectural style surrounded by a dense complex of houses, small churches and old buildings complemented by the picturesque flowered balconies.

During a long period starting in the Middle Ages and extending over the war of Independence, piracy kept the inhabitants on a permanent defense move. As a result, settlements used to be built on areas that had the characteristics of natural fortifications, encircled by huge rocks and cliffs. Such an example is the Venetian Castle of Antiparos town.

Antiparos island offers visitors a variety of architectural styles which are mainly inspired by the Cyclades layout and the Venetians presence, white and blue houses, and narrow archways. Many of those are well-preserved in their original state. The combination of elegance and simplicity of Antiparos in Greece is also apparent in the little small churches of the island, like Panagia Faneromeni and Agios Ioannis Spilitis.

Visitors will find many hotels that have been created with respect to the traditional Cycladic architecture.