Antiparos Geography

Antiparos is a small island right next to Paros Cyclades. Antiparos is almost a flat island with beautiful, sandy beaches and short vegetation. The highest peak of Antiparos is Prophet Elias, at an altitude of 301 m, so generally, the island doesn't have tall mountains. The most popular beaches of Antiparos are located on the eastern side.

The geography of Antiparos is beautiful, similar to the rest of the Cycladic islands. The western side is remote and doesn't have any settlements. Soros and Glyfa are the busiest coasts, however, there are many other nice coves to swim and enjoy some peaceful hours. Chora, the capital of Antiparos, is located on the northern side and has a calm port.

Although Antiparos has a long history, few monuments survive today. The most special geographical feature of Antiparos is the Cave, located almost in the center of the island. The cave was discovered in the 15th century and it is a marvel of nature with all these rare stalagmites and stalactites. In fact, the oldest stalagmite is estimated at around 45 million years old, making it the oldest stalagmite in Europe.

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