Churches in Antiparos

The entire island of Antiparos displays interesting and beautiful churches that stand out for their elegant architecture while some of them present a unique archeological interest. Their austere character and appearance bear witness to the typical characteristics of the Cyclades.

In the square of Antiparos, at the end of the port stands Agios Nikolaos, the main church of the island and in a close distance, you can see three small churches, Agios Antonios, Christos, and Agios Ioannis blending harmoniously among the houses inside the medieval castle.

A walk in Chora reveals many post-Byzantine churches and chapels of Cycladic architecture but there are beautiful sites outside the main village as well. In Antiparos cave is the church of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis where a great festival is held every year, on May 7th. In the deserted islet of Despotiko lies the Byzantine church of the Virgin Mary, accessed only by boat. On September 7th there is a nice festival.