Antiparos Festivals & Cultural Events

Antiparos has plenty of religious feasts throughout the year and other days of historical interest on which inhabitants honor those who died in the war. Once a year, every church celebrates its saint and during those days to religious element coexists with the celebration of life with dances and plenty of food. The island's most notable feasts are:

Religious feasts

September 7th
On the 7th of September, on the feast day of Panagia Faneromeni, there is a festival at the church of Panagia Faneromeni with food and wine. Visitors arrive here with a boat.

May 7th
The feast of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis is held on the 7th of May at the small church of Agios Ioannis and is one of the best-known festivals in the island of Antiparos with traditional dishes and local wine offered to the visitors and locals.

July 17th
From 15th to 17th of July several preparations are made for the three-day festival of Agia Marina which takes place at the port of Antiparos. The event involves several activities with yacht racing, triathlon swimming, and race in the streets of the island. On the last day, there is a litany of the sacred icon of Agia Marina, where the mass gathers at the church where athletes are awarded.

Cultural festivals

Summer Festival
The summer festival is the greatest event of Antiparos involving various activities, sports, concerts, dancing and parties till the early morning hours. The celebrations last for three days.

Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night: The garlands hung by the locals over their front door remains there until midsummer night on 23rd June after which they are all collected and piled up down at the port in several bundles in the sand along the waterfront. It is the tradition to set fire to the garlands and create a huge bonfire that can be enjoyed by everyone including children who are allowed to jump over the bonfires, as dangerous as it may seem.