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Chora Village Andros: This lovely little town is the capital of Andros and also the nicest and more interesting village of the island.

The meddling of mid-age houses, Neoclassical and Cycladic buildings, narrow alleys, stone walkways museums and beaches gives to Hora a unique atmosphere. Andros (Hora) is built upon a small peninsula, in the centre of the east coastline of the island, between the two long sandy beaches of Neiborio and Paraporti.

The heart of Andros Town has a unique beauty due to the combination of Venetian, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. The gateway to the old city has been preserved and gives to the visitor the feeling of penetrating in another world and another time. The medieval atmosphere of the city co-exists in harmony with the modern one created by the new little shops, cafes and bars.

Andros Town has two squares: the first one is stone paved and surrounded with many cafes, little restaurants and pastry shops, all shadowed by a huge plane tree. The second square is paved with marble, has a statue of the Unknown Sailor and an amazing view of the sea and the rest of the town.

Because it is located at the tip of the peninsula, this square is the best place to go to see the beautiful Venetian-style stone bridge connecting Andros Town to a little islet supporting the remains of an old castle, built during the Venetian period in order to protect the city. The colorful houses and wonderful Neoclassical mansions add even more beauty to the town.

Hora is also the cause of the artistic reputation of the island, since it is housing many fine museums from which the Museum of Modern Art exposes, every summer, works of famous Greek and international artists.

Andros Town is located at 35 kilometers east of the harbor (Gavrio). From there, some lovely and picturesque villages can be reached, such as Messaria, a lovely medieval village, Menites, Stenies and Apoikia, where the famous Sariza spring is situated.

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Castel Abaso

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Goulandris Museum of Modern ArtNautical MuseumLighthouseKairis LibraryPanagia ThalassiniPanagia TheoskepastiArchaeological MuseumKydonieos Institute

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  • fanaticislan34 13 Oct 2011
    Interesting and spacy
    Very interesting museum just in the centre of Chora. You can't miss it, after all the village is very small and this is a very famous museum. When I visited, there was an exhibition of a Greek painter. Don't remember his name, but it is hard to remember Greek names, especially the surnames! But I liked his work a lot, and the museum was spacy and beautifully organized. One of the few sights to visit in Andros, otherwise it is mostly beaches and relaxing.