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Menites Village Andros: The settlement of Menites on Andros Island is situated about 6 kilometers from the capital, Chora. Another settlement by the name Mesaria is also nearby. Menites is a beautiful village built on Petalo Mountain, 200 meters above sea level.

The village of Menites is famous for its springs and abundance of water and greenery. Menites village is a trekker's paradise in the true sense of the term; it has impeccable paved alleys and footpaths ideal for trekking.

Other good trekking options are towards the Panachrantou Monastery, Pitrofos-Paleopoli and Lamyra-Chora. These spots are easily accessible on foot and are wonderful for relaxation. The Feasts for Dionysos is celebrated at Menites village with much fanfare.

Amygdalota is an excellent sweet preparation, which is synonymous with this feast. The Springs of Dionysus are a major tourist attraction in Menites village and are truly an architectural inspiration. They are actually fountains adorned with lion head motifs.

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