Andros Kydonieos Institute

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Location: Chora

Kidonieos Institute in Andros Cyclades, Greece: Kydonieos Institute is a nonprofit foundation established in 1994 in Chora, the capital of Andros. Over the years, Kidonieos has become the cultural and spiritual center of the island hosting art exhibitions, musical concerts, theatrical shows, and literature meetings. Its main objective is the promotion of cultural events and exhibitions in Andros. Since 1997, Kidonieos occasionally provides free pottery workshops for children and adults.

Since 1995, Petros and Marika Kidonieos Foundation is organizing a special event called Ploes that takes place every summer introducing important painting and sculpture exhibitions. Ploes has become an integral part of the institute as it supports the cultural and musical events of the island. Kidonieos Institute constitutes a special tribute to newer and contemporary versions of post-war Greek art, through selected and representative works of renowned artists.



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