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1 Review
  • olli.lampinen 15 Sep 2012
    Nice architecture fine monument
    I visited with my wife the Arkadi Monastery in September 2011. We went there from Rethymno with the Yellow Train. During the trip we also saw much of the nice Cretan nature. The Sacred Monastery of Arkadi is an Eastern Orthodox Monastery Museum situated on a plateau 23 kilometres southeast of Rethymno. Behind this place is a very fascinating history. The fortness-like monastery played an active role 1866 in the revolt against the Ottomans. In the revolt battle, 943 Greeks died when the Greek pepople in the monastery finally decided to put fire on the powder magazine. The Venetian church dates back to 16th century and is marked by the influence of the Renaissance. The other buildings on the ground are rebuilt in a very fine way. There is also a museum with a tourist shop. In the countryard are fine amazing flowers. We had a very fine and intresting day there in the monastery. Go to this magnificent place, you will love it, we are sure!