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General information

Myli Rethymno Crete: The village actually consists of two settlements, Paleoi (old) and Neoi (new) Myli. Only 7 kilometres separate the village from Rethymno Town, while it counts on 40 permanent inhabitants most of whom are engaged in farming and cattle - breeding.

The picturesque village of Paleoi Myli was constructed on the borders of a river and had many watermills along the banks, which is how the village took its name ("Myli" in Greek means mills).

However, due to the water, the ground was very unstable and a rock sliding destroyed most of the mills and the houses. That is why the inhabitants abandoned the old village and moved a bit higher, forming the village of Neoi Myli.

Close to the abandoned watermills, there is the entrance to a gorge, the Gorge of Myli. Many visitors trek this gorge, through lovely water springs and lush greenery. Walking all along this gorge leads to Rethymnon Town.

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