Rethymno Melambes

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General information

Melambes lies 45 kilometers from Rethymno Town, on the southern slopes of Mount Kedros. Built at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, it affords sublime views of the Psiloritis Mountain range to the north, and of Messara Plain and the Libyan Sea to the south.

Melambes stands out for its traditional architecture, boasting two fountains, labyrinthine narrow alleys and two-story stone houses with grapevines climbing up their balconies. While there, you can also visit the old Monastery of Sant George, where you can marvel at some rare old frescoes. Other religious monuments in the area include the 14th-century church of Agia Paraskevi and the 15th-century convent of Agios Ioannis Voulgaris.

The village offers some tourist facilities, such as studios, mini-markets, a tavern and a few cafes, where you can chat with the locals. From Melambes, you can get to the secluded beach of Agios Georgios via a narrow road.

The closest resort is Agia Galini, which is about 5 km away. To get to Melambes, you will need to drive along the winding road leading to Agia Galini.

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