Lassithi Tzermiado

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Crete Tzermiado Lassithi: The picturesque village of Tzermiado is 50 km west of Agios Nikolaos town, in the wonderful Lassithi Plateau, at an altitude of more than 800 metres. A place gifted with unique natural beauty, known also for its healthy climate.

Tzermiado lies on the slopes of Mount Selena. The village was first inhabited during the 15th century. Today only a few accommodations can be found in the wider region as well as excellent taverns and traditional cafes.

In Tzermiado several excavations were conducted that have brought to light many archeological fidnings from the Minoan period that are worth seeing. The village is also ideal for some hiking adventures.

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3 Reviews
  • BODO 14 Jul 2023
    Big lie

    After more than 1 hour on the road (very beautiful mountain scenery) we only saw 2 poor windmills, what a disappointment... all the photos we had seen were just montages... not worth the trip...

  • Foster 26 Apr 2022
    No more windmills, but plenty of waste plastic, pesticides and intensive farming! What a shame!
  • nenane 21 Jan 2009
    Panagia Kroustalenia
    We generally like the calm of the monasteries, so whenever we pass by churches and monasteries, we usually make a stop. That is how we run on Panagia Kroustalenia, while we were driving along the Plateau of Lassithi. It was almost midday when we arrived and no people were around. The nuns had probably gone for lunch, because we saw only one at the entrance and then the monastery seemed empty. The environment was very nice with flowers in the yard, tall trees, a fountain at the back side, all very traditional and beautiful. The church had some nice icons and looked impressive in its loneliness.