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Crete Elounda Lassithi: The beautiful coastal village of Elounda lies 11 km north of Agios Nikolaos Town. Elounda retains its authentic character and offers a unique landscape with many coves and pristine beaches. A couple of kilometres from the village is Schisma, lies the port of Elounda where boats depart for the island of Spinalonga. The ruins of ancient Olous (or Olounda) can be seen under the sea nearby Elounda Village and Shisma.

The remains of a Byzantine Basilica can also be visited in the area. From Elounda boat trips are organised to the nearby islet of Spinaloga and a few interesting monasteries can be visited as well.

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    • ben67 26 Mar 2009
      I found friends and my youth
      For the last five years, I keep coming to Elounda every summer. This is my favourite place in Crete, not only because it has nice beaches (you can find nice beaches in every corner of Crete!!), but mostly because I have made friends there. Although I don't speak but a few Greek and my Cretan firends do not speak but a few English, we manage to communicate well. Michalios taught me to play backgammon and Maria showed my wife how to bake spinach pie and skaltsounia. Nikolas, Giorgis and I go fishing every other night and then altogether we fry the fish we catch. Last year, Eleni made a sweater for my grandson and he fit it perfectly. We usually don't see so kind people in our days, so I appreciate even more my Cretan friends and all winter long, I look forward my next summer in Crete. In my late 60s, I have found my lost youth there.
    • edward56 19 Nov 2008
      Keep your stresses away
      I have seen almost all Crete, but Elounda is great to go and relax, no worries, no problems, no stresses. Walk along the waterfront, observe Spinalonga from away, drink ouzo and raki at the port taverns, all these are nice "Greek" thing to do on your vacations. Although some might find that Elounda is very developed, if you go in May or September, you will truly see why I love this place so much. The people there are very hospitable and through years I believe I have made some true friends.