Lassithi Vidiani Monastery

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Location: Tzermiado

The Monastery of Vidiani is located in Lassithi Plateau, near Kato Metohi village. It was founded in 1841 by the monk Methodios Perakis in place of an older monastery that used to belong to the glebe of the Venetian family Vidi, thus the name Vidiani.

The 19th century monastery is dedicated to the Life-Giving Spring. It was destroyed in 1867 but its reconstruction began soon after. It was open until 1968 as a men's monastery but after the last monks passed away, it was left unused until 1991.

These days, its buildings have been fully restored and the monastery also houses a natural history museum, a religious gift shop and a small coffee shop. It has a beautiful garden and inside the church you will have the opportunity to see an impressive templum, adorned with 19th century icons, as well as the Byzantine icon of Panagia Vidiani.
The church's 17th century bell has been transferred to the Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion.



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