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Acropolis Athens: Acropolis is actually one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Athens. The long pedestrian street passes (Apostolou Pavlou st) in front of the Acropolis, Herodeion Theatre, the New Acropolis Museum and finally reaches the Hadrian Arch. It is also known as Makrigianni quarter in Athens, where the statue of Makrigiannis lies, the hero of the Greek Revolution, that is found at the beginning of this street, in a small round square.

Its architectural beauty and its historical significance, make this quarter popular among tourists and a favourite spot of the Athenians to stroll around on a Sunday morning, under the Holy Rock. It borders with the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka from one side and the region of Koukaki on the other. The most famous sights in Athens are found within a walking distance from the Acropolis, explaining the reason why most of the visitors stay close to the city centre. Also, Acropolis can be easily accessed by metro (Acropolis Metro Station), bus or tram.

Many museums are found nearby, the most important being the famous New Acropolis Museum, the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum and many other smaller museums located in the neighbourhood of Plaka. Neoclassical buildings line the pedestrian street, that house many institutions, galleries or embassies. Many taverns, cafeterias and gift shops are available.

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Classicism meets modernism in the 5-star hotel AthensWas. Located on the historic Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, right next to the Acropolis hill and Museum, the design hotel offers magnificent views of the urban landscape of Athens, as well as its most significant historical landmark, the Parthenon. ...

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From the stylish roof restaurant of Niche Hotel, you will have one of the magical views of Acropolis Hill and the rest of the city. With a location in the heart of the city, this hotel is ideal for central accommodation and its well-equipped rooms and suites have a warm and inviting atmosphere.


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3 Reviews
  • Janet Neubecker 01 Jul 2022
    Get tickets in the first 10 rows

    No Bar. Get tickets in the first 10 rows or be prepared for knee-jarring mountain climbing. Beautiful setting but smashes in 6000 people!

  • georgia 29 Mar 2022
    Over and beyond us

    Acres and statues, and also, columns, of a distant era towards the skies of the future. the major citadel of Athletes, gods, and rhythms. for centuries, it stands over, the city of Athens. the well-known acropolis, with the debris, and the liberty sculpts, feminine figures, and austere geometry. though the are no intact signs, if we do exist, at the same time, of our past ancestors, throughout the future. strolls aren't ready made, you ll need a company/ a good weather or none of the above. you may have to offer yourself the view, of exquisite sub-temples and the suburbs of west/east/north/south dominion. a map that is Greek, uses, a hypo-text of symbols, usually with colored, petty images, and numbers of the population and other statuses. thanks to modern societal norms, flags of other countries, and stats might be also found..

  • vasilikiang 24 Sep 2010
    Great sense of walking in the air
    An impressive museum just opposite the Acropolis. The most impressive feature is that the whole museum has been built above some ancient findings. The yard is made of glass and visitors can actually walk on this glass floor and see the findings beneath. The absolute sense of walking in the air!

    The interior has three floors and lots interesting exhibits. My favourite was the second floor with the gorgeous and so detailed statues. The third floor hosts the frieze of Parthenon (with copies of the missing parts that are hosted in the British Museum) but it was not as impressive as I expected. Videos were playing in various corners with the history of the Parthenon, the building of the museum, some excavations.

    A great thing to do is to have a coffee at the terrace of the museum with view to the Acropolis, but seats are few and visitors are many, so you might seat only if you are lucky enough...

    The only bad thing: the exhibits were not efficiently labeled and explained for foreigners. I am Greek and I understand some archaeological terms, but a foreigner might not, so it would be good to explain the exhibit in more words.