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Meteora news

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Meteora Trail Run 2019

Oct 06, 2019 — Oct 06, 2019 • Thessaly, Meteora
Be a part of the ultimate trial experience!
Posted on Jun 03, 2019 Category: Events

Meteora Trail Run

Oct 07, 2018 — Oct 07, 2018 • Thessaly, Meteora
The running community of Greece welcomes for the 5th consecutive year an event that will excite long-distance races lovers: Meteora Trail Race!
Posted on Jul 31, 2018 Category: Events

Meteora Trail Run 2016 in October

Oct 30, 2016 — Oct 30, 2016 • Thessaly, Meteora
Meteora Trail Run 2016 is taking place in October 30th and includes long run, short run and kids race.
Posted on Mar 17, 2016 Category: Events

CityTrail Meteora 2014- Fun Race

Oct 26, 2014 — Oct 26, 2014 • Thessaly, Meteora
The first CityTrail Meteora is organized on Sunday, October 26th. This race offers runners the chance to experience the spectacular landscape of Meteora.
Posted on Oct 08, 2014 Category: Events

The Cave of Theopetra opens to public

• Thessaly, Meteora
Was he a Neanderthal or Homo Sapiens, the first resident of the Cave of Theopetra, just 4 km from Meteora? The answer is quested in the findings of the cave that date 130,000-140,000 years before today and that include fossils of human soles and tools.
Posted on Oct 22, 2010 Category: News

Exhibition with rare books

Apr 06, 2009 — Apr 09, 2009 • Thessaly, Meteora
An exhibition with rare books has been inaugurated in the 4th High School of Trikala, just 20 km from Meteora.
Posted on Apr 07, 2009 Category: Events

Festival dedicated to Saint Thedore

Mar 13, 2009 — Mar 15, 2009 • Thessaly, Meteora
A traditional festival is held on March 13th to March 15th in the village of Agioi Theodori, just 8 km from Kalambaka. The locals are celebrating a feast to honour their patron saints, Saint Theodore Tyro and Saint Theodore Stratelates.
Posted on Mar 12, 2009 Category: Events

Exhibition for Tsitsanis in Trikala

Feb 05, 2009 — Apr 05, 2009 • Thessaly, Meteora
An exhibition dedicated to Vasilis Tsitsanis, a great composer of the Greek song, will be presented for the next two months by the Municipality of Trikala, his hometown, 20 km east of Meteora.
Posted on Feb 09, 2009 Category: Events

Plan to stop direct trains to Meteora

• Thessaly, Meteora
The people of Kalambaka, the town just off Meteora, are protesting against the decision of the Railway Organization of Greece to abolish the direct train from Kalambaka to Athens and Thessaloniki.
Posted on Nov 21, 2008 Category: News

Students create their own folklore museum

• Thessaly, Meteora
The students of the 3rd Primary School of Kalambaka, with the encouragement of their teachers and the help of their grandparents, have created their own folklore museum. The museum includes exhibits, such as old clothes, books, newspapers, radios, personal items and others.
Posted on Oct 09, 2008 Category: News