Exhibition with rare books

Apr 06, 2009 — Apr 09, 2009 • Category: Events
An exhibition with rare books has been inaugurated in the 4th High School of Trikala, just 20 km from Meteora. Old school books, rare manuscripts and dictionaries are being displayed in this exhibition that will last till April 9th and has the title Scattered Flowers. Among the exhibits, you will see a bilingual (Latin-Greek) dictionary published in Gevene in 1607, a Venetian edition of Homer Odyssey from 1803, a manuscript from 1607 about the wars between the Romans, the Peloponnesian War of Thucidides published in Venice in 1605 and many other rare items. The exhibits belong to the notary Pavlos Bakogiannis, which has a personal collection of more than 4,000 books about education.