Festival dedicated to Saint Thedore

Mar 13, 2009 — Mar 15, 2009 • Category: Events
A traditional festival is held on March 13th to March 15th in the village of Agioi Theodori, just 8 km from Kalambaka. The locals are celebrating a feast to honour their patron saints, Saint Theodore Tyro and Saint Theodore Stratelates. The festival includes a Holy Mass in a nunnery, which is found at the edge of the village and is dedicated to these two saints, and a litany. The celebrations last for threee days and every evening in the square of the village, the locals dance and eat a traditional recipe, a kind of soup with lamb. The monastery of Agioi Theodori is a nunnery and it was probably founded in the 15th century. At first, it was a dependency of the Monastery of Saint Stephan in Meteora. It has been burnt twice in the recent years, one during the Second World War and another in 1960. The monastery stands near Agioi Theodori village, a semi-mountainous area of about 100 inhabitants.