Travel to Meteora by bus, car

There are daily buses from Athens to Kalambaka, the town just below Meteora. These buses are not direct but go via Trikala. This means that you have to go from Athens to Trikala and then take another bus to Kalambaka. Buses depart from Trikala to Kalambaka almost every hour. From Kalambaka, you can go to the Monasteries of Meteora by taxi or by bus (bus works only in summertime).

The bus from Athens to Trikala/Kalambaka departs from Liossion KTEL Bus Station. To go there, passengers have to take the metro line to Attiki Station and then take the bus/taxi to KTEL Liossion. The walking time from Attiki to KTEL Liossion is about 30 min. The bus trip from Athens to Trikala lasts for 5 hours and the trip from Trikala to Kalambaka for 30 min.

There are also daily buses from Thessaloniki, Volos and other Greek towns to Trikala. After you arrive in Trikala, you have to take another bus to Kalambaka/Meteora. The bus trip from Thessaloniki to Trikala is 3 hours and from Volos to Trikala 2 hours.

Travel to Meteora by car

To go from Athens to Meteora by car, you follow the National Highway Athens-Lamia-Thessaloniki. At the junction of Lamia, you follow the signs to Karditsa and Trikala. Following these signs, you enter a rural road that has only one line per direction and requires careful driving. You pass Domokos, Karditsa and continue to Trikala. At Trikala, you follow the signs to Kalambaka/ Meteora.

To go from Thessaloniki to Meteora by car, you follow the National Highway Thessaloniki-Athens. At the junction of Larissa, you follow the signs to Trikala and at Trikala, you follow the signs to Kalambaka/ Meteora.

Tours to Meteora from Athens

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