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General information

Spartines Beach Alonissos: Spartines is a nice pebbled and sandy beach that can only be reached by foot or private boat. Therefore, it has no facilities, which creates a unique feel of tranquility and isolation. Spartines is placed on the north of Votsi, a village that can be reached after a 20 minutes walk from Patitiri, the capital of Alonissos.

Once getting away from Patitiri, a building on the left called The Homeopathic Institute of Alonissos can be seen. Then, 50 meters before the road gets divided into the one leading to Milia and the other to Chrisi Milia, it is necessary to go into what looks like a truck depot. Once in there, a house is reached. Just before this house it is necessary to bear right and look for a steep road that goes down thorough a pine forest, which takes around 10 minutes. After this, the beach is found. The whole trip from Patitiri to Spartines takes around 45 minutes. Therefore, it is important to take enough provisions of food and water, since once in the beach, there are no available bars or taverns where to refresh from the journey.

Although this excursion may seem a little difficult, the prize does worth the effort, especially in case of expecting privacy. In fact, the ones who go through this adventure are rewarded by enjoying the beach for themselves, which can only be interrupted by some occasional boat that anchors for a swim. On the other hand, some areas at the beach of Spartines have a high wall surrounding made of stone, which combines with its sand, contributing to give the impression of privacy and sheltering.

In case of being at the close village of Votsi, it is necessary to follow a dirt path at its entrance, which has many great taverns overlooking its beach. In addition, its beach is very good for swimming, although Spartines is great for these purposes as well. Regarding its most advisable area, it is basically the middle, since this is the most reached by the sun.

In conclusion, Spartines is a great secluded beach that can be enjoyed by those who do not fear to go through steep roads and forests. In fact, this great experience may add some fun to your holidays. Once on the beach, the complete isolation can be enjoyed, like in the typical escapes that everyone dreams about during the long days at the office, or the hassle of taking care about the house and the children. Spartines beach is much related to the features of these dreams, characterised by desert paradisiacal islands, away from the crowds and the noise that the city usually consists of. When taking the proper measures, the trip and the stay on Spartines can be perfectly enjoyed as a truly relaxing experience, and maybe as a dream come true.

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