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General information

Vrisitsa Beach Alonissos: The beach of Vrisitsa has dark sand and pebbles and lies 5 km north west of Alonissos town, close to the beaches of Tskalia, Gialia, Megali Ammos, and Tourkoneri. In the case of Vrisitsa, it is placed at north from Vythisima and is surrounded by vast vegetation. However, it is not completely hidden behind it, since it can be seen from the road that comes from Chora. In fact, the panoramic view of this beach is awesome.

The name of this beach means little fountain, which in part accords to its small size, and of its steeply sided inlet. This inlet is surrounded by a piece of terrain with lots of greenery, which makes Vrisitsa a charming environment that stands out from the ordinary. On the other hand, this fact is very convenient, since it guarantees a good protection from the winds.

Before reaching Vrisitsa, when coming from the northwest Gialos is found, a picturesque beach with black pebbles. Then after Vrisitsa it appears Mikros Mourtias, a small beach with sand and pebbles as well. In this case, this one is placed in South-west of the island, and apart from being found when coming from Vrisitsa, it can also be reached by getting from the cemetery to the old village, although the road is not in the best conditions.

However, it is also possible to get there by boat, which is the easiest way. The interesting fact about Mikros Mourtias is that it has been used as a small port of the old village having daily trips to Skopelos, until the middle '70s, although this has been left completely in the past. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that there are no taverns there, so it would be wise to take some provisions, or to reach Vrisistsa in order to avoid deprivations and at the same time staying at the beach. In the case of Mikros Mourtias, this is very quiet and peaceful to the point that some naturists can be seen every now and then. Anyway, those looking for silence and solitude can alternate between Mikros Mourtias and the available few facilities at the close Vrisitsa.

Talking about facilities, Vrisitsa has a little tavern and also the area in which it is found has been taken advantage of in terms of accommodation. For example, some villas offer terraces overlooking the beach, which allows enjoying the sunset in a comfortable way, while having a drink.

In fact, the beaches on the island are reputed at some of the best in the whole world, and Vrisitsa is usually included on the lists about the most popular ones. However, these facts do not mean this is one of those beaches that get totally crowdie during high season. In spite of being a little livelier than Mikros Mourtias, Vrisistsa usually does not lose its tranquil atmosphere even in the summer.

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