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Agios Dimitrios Beach Alonissos: Agios Dimitrios is one of the best beaches on Alonissos. In fact, the waters of the Northern Sporadic are included amongst the list of the clearest waters around the world, which are ideal for swimming and other activities. This beach has pebbles and a horseshoe shape headed to the waters, which gives it a dramatic appearance. Its access is given by a group of dirt criss-crossed roads with chain link fencing. This may seem a little confusing, but responds to the typical Greek style.

Regarding its facilities, it has a tavern, which best drinks can be enjoyed during high season, when most tourists reach Agios Dimitrios. When coming from Patitiri, the capital of the island, the trip takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes, as it is one of the furthest, being at approximately 18 km.

However, its beauty combined to its facilities avoids this beach to be considered remote or secluded, especially since its access roads have been improved. In the south area there are also sun-beds for renting, but it is necessary to be wary about the urchins. On the other hand, the north part is quieter, although sometimes the ships deposit their tar or oil on the waters of this area. However, when taking into account these advices a good time can be spent on this beach whether it comes to north or south.

Another good fact about Agios Dimitrios is its close proximity to Steni Vala while only 14 km separate it from Patitiri. This is a quiet fishing village, characterized for its numerous local taverns specializing in seafood which compose a picturesque atmosphere. In addition, there is a bus service that connects twice a day Steni Vala to Patitiri, as well as available water taxis from this village to the beach of Agios Dimitrios. On the other hand, Steni vala is usually used for yachting, so Agios Dimitrios can be included on the schedule in order to integrate a nice swim to the sailing.

However, before reaching Steni Vala, there is a village called Kalamata. This is a fishing village as well, although it is even quieter than Steni Vala, in part because there are no bus services from Patitiri to this area, and also because of its small size. Kalamata is also specialised on sea food, such as fresh fish and lobsters, so it can be included on the excursion in order to have lunch, and then swim in Agios Dimitrios.

However, all these positive facts do not mean that Agios Dimitrios is one of those beaches that get uncomfortably crowded during high season, since it usually keeps its tranquil features. Taking all these into account, we can conclude that Agios Dimitrios is a great beach for those who expect to have a time of relaxing, without suffering from deprivations. Finally, the beauty provided by this environment has been exploited by many accommodation companies that take advantage of its close location, providing great views to this beach from their balconies in many cases, especially during sunset.

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