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Alonissos is an island in the Aegean Sea, located close to Skopelos, with lush green vegetation to the point that pine woods sometimes reach the numerous beaches on the island.

Alonissos island is part of the Sporades islands. Its surface is 66 square kilometers and has approximately 2700 local inhabitants. Alonissos in an isle of outstanding beauty with the most impressing abysses in the Aegean Sea.

The island has been inhabited from prehistoric times, and it was the object of a number of disputes over it, especially between Athens and Macedonia. Alonissos was conquered by the Romans in the 2nd century AD, and then the Byzantines arrived, who built the walls of the castle of Chorio and left a set of awesome buildings which were unfortunately torn down by the frequent earthquakes on the island.

After the Byzantines, several other peoples ruled the island, such as the Venetians, and the Turks in 1538. Alonissos became part of Greece in 1830.

Alonissos is a peaceful island, quite lively in the Southern area, where there are a number of modest villages with narrow streets and picturesque buildings and houses. Patitiri, the capital of the island, located in this area, offers a variety of transportation services connecting the island with the other islands nearby and the mainland.

There are beautiful locations around Patitiri, such as Rousoum village, which has one of the most beautiful beaches on Alonissos and offers comfortable nightlife establishments, and houses to rent. If visitors go on along the coastline, they will find Votsi Village, much more peaceful than Rousoum Village, and with the typical small townhouses overlooking the sea, surrounded by the yellow-ochre reefs that give the place a very special vibe.

After the serious earthquake in 1965, the physiognomy of Alonissos (and of many other islands nearby) changed once and forever, and whole towns were abandoned by the locals and rebuilt in safer areas. That is the case of the former Capuluogo, located on the hills placed at about 3 kilometers from Patitiri towards the center of the island.

Steni Vala, another remarkable village, is a typical Aegean fishing port and it is located 12 km far from Patitiri. It has some secluded beaches, ideal for those who want to run away from the worldly noise and their business routine.

Alonissos also offers some outstanding tour attractions such as the "National Marine Park of Alonissos - Northern Sporades" (NMPA-NS). This is a valuable natural park in Greece, founded in 1992. The island also has sponsored the first international Multi Terrain Marathon. Apart from Alonissos it also comprises some other 6 islands: Peristera, Skantzoura, Kyra Panagia, Ghioura, Psathoura, and Piperi.

Tourists are really safe and secure in this area, as there are uniformed safety and security agents who exert close surveillance and make sure that everyone is able to swim, photograph or record the area, do water sports and have a good time, but they make sure that nobody fish or hunt in the area. They also make sure that people abide by the restrictions regarding free camping and fires in force in some areas to protect the natural environment, especially Monk seals.


17 Reviews
  • jane34 05 Sep 2012
    Nature is the king
    Alonissos remains one of the least known destinations that have maintained their picturesque layout and distinctive quality through the years.

    I was lucky to stay at a beautiful small house in Votsi, a village that remains authentic despite the passage of time, beautiful images in the morning from the fishermen who laid their nets, the boats that arrived and the green oasis that blankets the entire village. Votsi has beautiful beach with green blue waters. I had some amazing fish dishes in the waterfront taverns and enjoyed really good wine from Stavros.

    Actually all villages in Alonissos are like this: small houses, greenery around, little beaches with green-blue water. Chora is fabulous, so cute, every spot gives view to the sea. We took some amazing photos there. Also I am not a fan of trekking, but I saw many trekkers in Alonissos, if you are interested in this info.
  • olivia87 20 Nov 2011
    Best thing is explore nature
    It must be about a year since I came from Alonissos. I spend there a whole month working for a voluntary project. Alonissos is located in Sporades and stands out for the exquisite green landscapes and the pristine beaches. We lived in a small pansion in Patitiri, which is actually the liveliest of all villages. Chora is nice too but far from beaches. Nice for the views though. With a tour boat, we visited the beautiful Blue Caves, it was the best place to see with waters of intense blue color, hard to forget. For me the beaches for absolute relaxation include Tzortzi Gialos and Steni Vala.

    Another thing you will envoy in Alonissos is the traditional food and especially the wine. Floisvos is an exquisite tavern in Patitiri and Tassia is famous for the lobsters. Over a month in Alonissos I experienced the beauty of this place, its attractive lush green areas, the pristine beaches, the mountainous landscape and the magnificent track and trails. The island is also highly recommended for hiking. Actually exploring the nature is the best and only thing you can do there, as it lacks nightlife or sightseeing.
  • john34 12 Feb 2011
    Fantastic intense blue
    It must be six months since I came from Alonissos. It is a small island in Sporades and like the other islands of Sporades, it is ideal for quiet and relaxing vacations. The green landscapes and the maiden beaches are the main characteristics of the island as well as the rough hills and the numerous caves where the sea dogs find shelter. It is an island that distinguishes for the natural beauty.

    We stayed in a nice apartment in Votsi, a little expensive I believe but the people were very friendly and warm. We rented a car in order to see as much as we could. I am telling you now that a walk around the island is an unforgettable experience. The first day we took a walk around Chora, it was so nice, the islanders have kept the traditional style and character of the island, also there is a great variety of taverns and restaurants, small shops and because of its location, Chora offers the best views. Patitiri is the first place you see when you come to Alonissos. The village has some shops but it doesn't have much to see.

    Most of the beaches on Alonissos are just fantastic. One of those is Tzortzi Gialos, 5 minutes from Patitiri, its blue green crystal clear waters is a real pleasure. The place is small and very peaceful, we stayed for 4 hours and then we went to the tavern which is right at the top and tasted some delicious seafood. Glyfa and Agios Petros were wonderful beaches, probably the most popular, they have great waters and natural pine forests.

    The best time was when we visited the Blue Cave. You can only access it by boat and there are daily boats leaving from Patitiri. The cave is surrounded with wild rocks, the water is so blue, and actually it gets more intense while you get closer to the cave. You will love the island.
  • piten 15 May 2010
    Such a delightful place
    A delightful island, so inlike the busy Greek islands with the non-stopping ferries, the busy ports and the full hotels. A 3-hours ferry ride from Agios Constantin to Alonissos, which is not only short but also gives a view of Skiathos and Skopelos. From the first moment, you have the feeling that some relaxing days are waiting you. As the ferry approaches the port you see a nice green island with red roofs among the trees far in the horizon. Patitiri is the busiest village probably because of the port but the hotels and tourist resorts are spread in many villages around Patitiri: Seni Vala, Roussoum Gialos, Votsi.

    Beaches are gorgeous and if you rent a motorbike, you don't stuck in the bus schedule. There are so many nice coves to discover in Alonissos. Get the boat from Patitiri to the Marine Park. The sea north of Alonissos is a marine park actually for the protection of the seal monachus monachus. The boat also stops in some small islands wtih amazing water to swim. The only thing that troubled me was that beach bars in some beaches played really really loud music. For example, Chrissi Milia is an amazing beach but the music from Veta Club was heard from one part of the beach to the other. Are there no regulations? Do not let Alonissos be another packed island, it would be such a pity!
  • agelikoni 03 Dec 2009
    Picturesque villages
    Alonissos is an ideal holiday place, dressed in blue and green colors. My favorite and most peaceful village we visited was Votsi. Votsi is a small harbor, fishing village, overlooking the green crystal water. The harbor is surrounded, almost hugged from gray-yellow cliffs. Many Greek restaurants can be found over the port of Alonissos, with tasty fish goodies. There is no shopping center to Votsi, that port is the most lively place of the village.

    Votsi is in around 20 minute walking distance from the village Patitiri, so you will probably not need transportation. Patitiri is the first place you see upon your arrival. This is the island's main port capital, not easy to miss. In addition to Votsi, there you can find the majority of hotels and shops. Patitiri includes most of the island's nightlife. From Patitiri you are able to get buses, taxis and excursion boats for tours along the coast and National Marine Park.
  • agneta_S 19 Oct 2009
    Wonderful islets and sea caves
    We were looking for a quiet, peaceful island, when a friend in Greece, suggested Alonissos and happily, she was right. Apart from the beauty that this green island provides, not many people know about the small uninhabited isles of Alonissos, totally seven, if I can remember correctly. There are small boats that take you there, quite easy and fast. Enjoy the feeling that you are all alone, with this nice sea view, the place is magic. After these islets, the boats go to the north of Alonissos where there are some gorgeous sea caves with the cleanest water I have seen. A little norther, there is the National Marine Park. The park provides home and protection to many rare fish, birds, mammals, trees and bushes that are in danger. One the most rare mammals in the world at the moment, monachus monachus seal, can be found there.
  • despstil4 19 Jul 2009
    Clean beaches and calm air
    After the noise of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos were a refresh for us. Especially Alonissos, this small green island with the wonderful beaches and the calm air. We spent only four days there but we enjoyed it the most from the other two islands: the good food, the green nature, the hiking paths from Patitiri to Chora, the beaches of Chrisi Milia and Glyfa, the lovely museum at the port, the good people. Our hotel was very clean. We had booked very close to the port, to get on and off easily with our big suitcases. The bus stop was 2 minutes walk from the hotel and many taverns around. Beaches were clean and warm, altough I believe a couple of beaches should be more cleaned up from cigarette ends and cans. Maybe more bins are needed and more buses also. We had the best food in Rousoum Yalos and Votsi. Definetely take the small boat from the port and make the tour to the Blue Cave and the small islands north of Alonissos. I haven't seen cleaner water than the sea around the Blue Cave.
  • bethth 14 May 2009
    A calm island traffic free
    Beaches are great on Alonissos. Big trees were reaching the sea. The water is clear, very peaceful and clean areas. Not much of nightlife, though. There were small coffee shops, taverns, pizzas and only one club at the center of Alonissos. We didn't see any monuments, but there are many paths to walk, a nice experience!

    Not much I have to say about the food, the island is small and even though they have many fishermen, they don't have many fishes to eat... The food generally was expensive but it is cooked nice. Luckily, we went to friends' house and they had lobsters, crawfish and other delicious fish!

    My recommendation to visitors: Visit one of the coffeshops at Chora at night, they have Greek live music, while you are having coffee or ice cream! My advice to authorities: More ships to reach the island and some help for the fishermen and the locals! I have to say also, this was the only island I've been with so little traffic...It is ideal for couples and small children. Go and enjoy the perfect silence...!
  • giacom39 10 Mar 2009
    Put love and enjoy
    The beaches on Alonissos are wonderfull, poor of tourists and rich of nature. Sometimes, we found some little garbages by Greek tourists but not enough to not enjoy the landscape. The sea is the Sea, cold but wonderful, the best I have ever swam. No nightlife, no historical monuments, only nature and peace.

    There are not good vegetables in the markets, but a good fish. In a general way, you don't eat very well if you are an Italian gourmet like I am, but you can appreciate honey, moussaka and people. Put love and enjoy Alonissos.
  • joan22 11 Mar 2008
    Magnificent food and accommodation
    Our niece lives in Alonissos and we went to visit her and her husband, who is Greek.
    The island of Alonissos is beautiful and not at all commercialized. I liked the food at all restaurants,it was really magnificent and fresh, tasty and beautifully delivered with great white wine. Especially our visits at the bakery were a must. The small specialty shops had wonderful gifts, too! Generally, the old town is really worth to visit for food, gifts and the beautiful view to the sea...
    The best beaches are found mostly at the northern part of the island. There are many hidden away beaches to visit, swim and catch the sun, you should only take some time to discover them!
    Our hotel there exceeded our expectations, since the accommodation was first class with views to match. The owners were very gracious and the pool was an everyday must, like the breakfast and the early morning coffee, delicious! It is more than possible that we will come back to Alonissos!
    Something that should be better, though, is the access to the island from Athens.
  • nina_d 26 Feb 2008
    Eveything was excellent
    I stayed on Alonissos island about a week, this was last summer. Some friends of us who were on the island in 2007 gave us all the information we needed about it. Everything was excelent, the beaches, the food, the culture and the people who lived there. The villages were really picturesque. We are coming back next year, hopefully...
    We loved snorkling and swimming and I enjoyed the very clear water of the sea. Keep it clean, and like it is. Is a pearl, limit the visitor, no mass tourism.Visit it, and you will love it! Probably you need more than one week to stay.
  • age_33 07 Oct 2007
    Perfect island to enjoy nature
    My plane flew to Skiathos but I spent my holiday in Alonissos going there by boat from Skiathos. On Alonissos the villages are few, in general not very crowded and lovely. The beaches are also not so crowded, most of them have pebbles so they are especially good for snorkeling. The water is crystaline. Best Beaches: Agios Dimitrios, Chrisi Milia, and Steni Vala. The rooms clean. The nightlife is not the main attractrion of the island, it's the perfect island to enjoy nature (nice walking path inland and to go to the beaches), food, sea and relaxing.

    The food was great and the prices reasonables. The only negative point was the behaviour that sometimes some Greek had. Somebody (luckily few people) tryied to cheat us for very little amount of money at the restaurant and in general when we payed things. I also think that they should restore the boat service to the west beaches of Alonissos from Patitiri. I'd love to come back! It will be my 5th time in Greece!
  • juliejudge05 24 Sep 2006
    Just returned from a fantastic holiday in Alonissos staying at the breath taking Mila bay appartments. Vivian and Andreas were wonderful host and the views from the exceptional appartment were incredible. As were the veiws from each one of the walks we did. Walked to Old Village then walk to beach what a walk. Also must mention George our taxi driver best on island not just a good driver but a great guide showing best walks restuarants etc. Always on time and there within 5 minutes of call. If you would like a quite walking holiday Alonissos cant be beat. The hills just make the views even more special. If you go you wont do better then Milia Bay
  • Vivian_Henry 10 Aug 2006
    It was more beautiful than the photos
    Nationality: American

    Date on the island: 24.08.2006

    Countries visited: >1-5

    The trip: I arrived in Alonissos with the Hellenic seaways Flying Cat it was a good trip. Though there is mass chaos when boarding the ferry and the crew doesn?t assist with luggage.

    Reasons for going to Alonissos: Found the destination of Alonissos by looking on the website

    Idea before arriving: I imagined that the island would be beautiful; however, it was more beautiful than the photos on the web site.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expectations.

    - Island/area: 10/10

    - Landscapes: 10/10

    - Tree Covered: 10/10

    - Beaches & waters: 10/10

    - Cleanliness: 10/10

    - Villages: 9/10

    - Main Town: 9/10

    ?Food/ restaurants: 10/10

    - Nightlife: NA

    - Local people: 8/10 People are very friendly and always do their best to help you.

    - Accommodation: 10/10

    - Activities 9/10

    - Excursions 10/10

    - Sightseeing: 10/10

    - Prices: 7/10

    - Public Transportations: 10/10 Taxi service was great

    - Authenticity 9/10

    - Peace & quiet 9/10

    - Weather 10/10

    Favorite thing about Alonissos: The beaches were wonderful.

    The villages were great.

    Negative opinion: No negative opinion.

    Recommendations: Be prepared for the ferry ride to the islands. Boarding the ferry needs a better system. There are many people traveling with small children. There needs to be improvements with handling of luggage.

    I will definitely come back to Alonissos.

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 10/10

  • stuchi 23 Oct 2005
    Picturesque, charming, good food, friendly people
    Nationality: Swiss

    Age: -

    The trip: Flight from Zurich (Switzerland) to Skiathos and then to Alonissos by boat.

    Reasons for going to Alonissos: By chance. A friend from Switzerland told me he liked the place much.

    Idea before arriving: Nothing. I just went to Alonissos in Greece without searching anything about the island. I trusted my friend's experience.

    Expectations and opinions: I loved it! It is all I was dreaming about. The clich? everybody must have about Greece. Picturesque, charming, good sea food, friendly people etc etc etc...

    Favorite thing about Alonissos: Nature and Pension Votsi. Really good people. Simple & clean.

    Negative opinion: Too much motocycles!

    Recommendations: Just go there!

    I would love to go to Alonissos again! or just to another island in Greece.

  • dim_oli 31 Aug 2005
    Alonissos, the most beautiful of the Sporades
    For me, Alonissos is the best island of the Sporades because it is the less touristy and the less developed; it is also the most authentic and the less crowded.
    It may not have long sandy beaches like Skiathos and Skopelos and is definitely less lively at night (almost dead I must say) but I prefer this peacefulness and relaxation kind of holidays.
    The port is lovely but not as interesting and traditional as the old capital of the island, Hora. It is a small traditional town perched on the top of the hill (unforgettable view) full of narrow alleys and beautiful houses. It is mostly inhabited by foreigners because the people of Alonissos deserted it after a big earthquake. I think I?m going to see if I can find a cute little house for me too.
    The beaches of the island are very attractive; they are mostly pebble beaches with wonderful crystalline waters.
    Like her neighbours, Alonissos is verdant and combines sea and forests. The island is also famous for being the habitat of the Mediterranean seal but I didn?t had the chance to sea one;

    I hope that tourism will not destroy this beautiful island as it did to Skiathos?I will be very disappointed?that?s why I have to go back there before this happens. And I think you should do the same.
  • o-bro 31 Aug 2005
    An authentic island
    I went to Skiathos a few years ago. I arrived by plane to Skiathos and stay there for 2 weeks. My wife and I decided to go for an excursion in the island of Alonissos and were really impressed by the authenticity of the island. A bit too calm but yet beautiful, especialy when coming from the busy Skiathos. Hope to have the chance to discover the island better next time.