Alonissos Geography

Alonissos is part of the Northern Sporades, located just after the island of Skopelos, and its history is strongly connected with the history of the rest of the Sporades. The island is situated 62 nautical miles from Volos. It is 13 miles long and 3 miles wide, has an area of 64 sq. km and a population of around 3,500 people. The mountains of the island are not too high. They don't exceed the altitude of 500 meters. The beautiful coasts of the island are even more astonishing on the western and northern sides.

Those coasts are made of abrupt rocky formation, usually of marble, with red stripes contrasting with the brightness of the rock. The entire natural environment is kept intact and unspoiled. Alonissos is a green and fertile island with four small settlements among which Patitiri is the capital and the main harbor of the island. Alonissos is the center of the Marine Park of the Aegean which is housing the endangered species of Mediterranean monk seals (also known as Monachus Monachus), seeking refuge in the many sea caves on the little islands surrounding Alonissos.

The geography of Alonissos is characterized by its stunning lush forests and green seawater. The island used to be famous for its excellent and unique in taste wine produced from the many vineyards scattered in this fertile land but unfortunately, they were destroyed by an epidemy. Now Alonissos produces wheat and olives. Because of the richness of the soil and the mild climate, a wide range of herbs is growing in Alonissos.

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