Poros Tourism

The serene island-pair of Poros receives a great number of visitors every year, arriving either from Piraeus or from the west coast of Peloponnese (opposite from Poros). The natural beauty of this island has been honored by many famous writers and poets, such as Georgios Seferis, one of the two Greek poets who have won a Nobel Prize in Literature. Tourism in Poros is very developed due to the close ferry ride from the Greek capital and the growing interest in watersports.

Poros consists of two islands, Sferia and Kalavria, connected by a small bridge. Sferia, a volcanic rock, is the smaller of the two islands, with Poros Town and the harbor situated on the hillside. In Sferia you can admire some of Poros’ most important landmarks, such as the imposing Clock Tower of the island-pair or its small, yet history-filled, Archaeological Museum. In Sferia you can also visit the island-pair’s most well-known restaurants (mostly taverns) that serve fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

On the other hand, Kalavria hosts some of Poros’ finest beaches. Beaches like Megalo Neorio or Love Bay are a must-see when visiting Poros. The island of Kalavria is mountainous on the mainland and, paired with its lush pine forests, it provides a remarkable landscape. Kalavria’s mountains are mostly uninhabited, allowing tourists to explore them through Poros’ unique hiking trails!

Across Poros, on the Peloponnese coast, you can also visit the quaint village of Galatas, where the enchanting Lemon Forest is situated. This forest full of lemon and citrus trees is the only one of its kind in Greece, and it offers a rare sight and scent to all visitors! In the canal between Poros and Galatas, you can also visit the small islets of Poros and experience their peaceful beaches and incredible views of the Saronic Gulf.

There is no tourist office on the island of Poros, only travel agencies where visitors can collect all the needed information about the places of major interest, as well as our Poros travel guide. There is no tourist police either, except for the local police station that handles all affairs.



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