Aegina Southern Fortifications

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Location: Perdika

In the peaceful fishing village of Perdika, hardly anything betrays that the place may have ever had a great military significance. And yet, here lie the remnants of the island’s Southern Fortifications, which were of great significance during the Second World War.

Due to its proximity to Piraeus Port, Aegina’s location was of great strategic importance for the protection of the Saronic Gulf. The Southern Fort formed part of a broader network of fortifications that were constructed all over the country in preparation for an enemy attack. Construction began in the mid-1930s, in collaboration with German engineers, and defenses consisted of mine and anti-submarine barriers, machine guns of various calibers, and underground or semi-underground installations housing the central power plant, ammunition warehouses, shelters, infirmaries as well as eating and sleeping rooms. Overground, there were observation facilities and anti-aircraft artillery. After the country was occupied by the Third Reich forces in April 1941, the fort was incorporated into the German naval defense network and the base was expanded. Though armed conflicts did not actually take place here, it was occasionally used to fire shots against the Allied fleet in the autumn of 1944.

Today, you can still see remnants of the trenches, shelters, warehouses, administration buildings, artillery-piece mounts, pillboxes, and other constructions of unknown use. There are also some inscriptions in the German language on some of the ruins. It is well worth a visit both for its historical significance as an integral part of Greek naval defenses during the Greco-Italian War and the German Occupation and for its magnificent views, as the islet of Moni looms against the backdrop of the Fort.

How to get there

The Southern Fortifications are around 1.5 kilometers from the famous Perdika Beach and 10 kilometers from the main port of Aegina. You can reach Perdika either by car or by bus, as the local buses (KTEL) provide services at least three times a day.



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