Aegina Ports

The main port is located in Aegina Town. The other ports of the island are located in the villages of Souvala, Agia Marina, and Perdika.
Itineraries between Aegina Town and Athens operated throughout the year.

Below, you can find more information about the ports of Aegina:
Aegina SouvalaAgia MarinaPerdika

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Aegina Port

The main port is situated in Aegina Town, the capital town of the island. Its distance from the port of Piraeus in Athens is 18 nautical miles (21 miles or 33 km).
It is the only one that receives ferries throughout the year, in contrast to the others, which are only connected to Piraeus during the high season. Moreover, it connects the island with the verdant Agistri, the quaint Poros, and the enchanting town of Methana (Peloponnese).
The port authority's offices are housed in a building on the promenade.


The port may host several types of vessels (ferries, sailboats, yachts, etc.) but it is small and does not have many facilities. Nonetheless, all kinds of establishments are found in its vicinity, including hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes.


Souvala Port

The port of Souvala is located on the north side of the island, at a distance of 8 km from Aegina Town. It is the most beautiful part of the region thanks to its picturesque setting.
Some benches are placed along the harbor where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Additionally, there are many taverns, cafes, and bars close to the sea.

Souvala is the second busiest port on the island. It is connected by ferry to Piraeus, but only during the summer months.


Agia Marina Port

The port of Agia Marina is located on the eastern side of the island, around 13 km away from Aegina Town. Agia Marina is the number-one tourist resort on the island, with several eating and drinking establishments and various shops located within the village.

Similar to Souvala, Agia Marina is connected by ferry to Piraeus, but only during summer.


Perdika Port

The port of Perdika is located on the southwestern side of the island, around 10 km away from the capital. It is not reminiscent of a port, but rather a marina.

It does not receive any passenger ferries at the moment, yet smaller vessels like boats, yachts, and sailboats can moor there.


How to get to the ports

 - Buses connect almost all areas on the island and are the cheapest way to move around. They depart from Aegina Town and reach the three other ports (among others). However, note that there are no routes connecting the other ports; the only available connections are Aegina Town to Souvala, Aegina Town to Perdika, and Aegina Town to Agia Marina.
Taxis are another option for getting from one port to another. Since taxis are limited, we suggest arranging a pickup in advance. You can contact local taxi drivers by calling the following phone numbers: 0030 22970 22010, 0030 694 495 0815, 0030 694 434 3606.
- One can also board a water taxi; these are usually found at the port of Aegina.
- Of course, a private vehicle is always an option. Even if a traveler doesn't bring his vehicle to the island, he can rent one from one of the local car rental agencies.
- Last but not least, keep in mind that some hotels offer provide a shuttle service to their guests (usually at an extra cost). We recommend contacting your accommodation and asking if such a service is available.