Sparti Local products

Sparta counts on a long tradition in agriculture since its fertile land is proper for the cultivation of many fruits and vegetables. The most famous product of Sparta is olive oil. There are vast areas of olive oil trees, situated all along the plain of the Eurotas river. The production of olive oil is large and Sparta bases a significant portion of its economy on its trade. The production and elaboration of olive oil have considerably contributed to the cultural tradition and economic development of this town leading to the inauguration of Olive and Olive Oil Museum, in Sparta. Many olive presses are also found all along the area of Laconia.

Another important product for the region of Sparta is the citrus fruits. Laconia is famous for its high-quality citrus fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, and citrons. These fruits are cultivated in large quantities, sold in other Greek areas and exported. Another product cultivated in smaller quantities though is the watermelons, which are famous all over Greece for their sweet taste.