Sparti Festivals & Cultural Events

Sparti is a small town with a rich culture, depicted in the lovely festivals of the area. Apart from the religious festivals that every church in Sparti organizes on the name day of its patron saint, there are many cultural festivals of great interest.

Cultural events

Sainopouleio Festival
The Sainopouleio Festival takes place every summer, between June and September, in Sainopouleio Open Theatre, about 3 km west of Sparti. This festival includes musical, theatrical and dancing performances with the participation of various Greek and international artists.

Festival of Olive Tree and Olive Oil
The Festival of Olive Tree and Olive Oil is one of the best-known festivals in Sparti. The event focuses on the history of the olive tree and olive oil, methods of production, olive ecology, organic cultivations, on the olive-based products and their application in arts and other sections.