Sparti Geography

Sparti is a small town with a legendary history in southeastern Peloponnese. It is the seat of the prefecture of Laconia and stands on the site of ancient Sparta, one of the most powerful city-states in ancient Greece. The town was constructed based on a design, which is why it is one of the few cities in Greece that has wide streets, parks, and squares.

The town of Sparti is small and tourism is not much developed, except for some agrotourism projects that are presently developing in the area. In fact, the surrounding nature is both mountainous and flat, so it is great for nature lovers. The region is rich in olive trees and in fact, Sparti, Lesvos, and Crete are considered the best olive-oil producing regions in Greece.

The geography of Sparti reveals many characteristics from the wild and rocky regions of Peloponnese. Sparti is surrounded by Mount Taygetos on one side and the valley of Evrotas on the other. Traditional villages dot the landscape with the beautiful gorges, the rivers, and the mountain cliffs. A sport that has developed a lot in the last years in Spart is hiking and many hiking trails have been signed between Sparti and Mystras.

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