Nafplion Syntagma Square

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Location: Town

Nafplion Syntagma Square, Peloponnese: Located in the center of the Old Town, Syntagma Square is the most historically important square in Nafplion. It was known as the Platanos Square in the 19th century, mainly due to the plane tree, which occupied the central area. It is also believed that during the Turkish occupation around 1540 the Turkish commander of the Peloponnese, Mora-Pasha, had his seraglio here.

Many important historic monuments are located around the square, including the Archaeological Museum, the former mosque of Aga Pasha, the parliament as well the Trianon Old School.

A famous event took place right at this square. In 1862, when the Greek rebellion was in great need for finances, Georgios Gennadios, also known as the teacher of Greece, gave an extremely powerful and moving speech under the plane tree. The speech affected the locals so much that even the poorest woman, known as Psorokostaina, gave up her petty possessions for the cause of the revolution.

Today Syntagma Square is a breathtaking hub of activity. With coffee tables lining the streets, wooden balconies and Turkish fountains, it is a beautiful place and attracts many visitors. A perfect blend of old and new architecture, the Square has managed to retain its charm and hence its popularity.



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