Nafplion Things to do

Things to do in Nafplion are not many and most of them are concentrated in the beach resort of Tolo. The beach of Tolo has many water sports centers with fun games for all ages. As it is an individual tourist place, it concentrates all activities and facilities for tourists.

Over the last years, diving has started to develop in Nafplion. There are few diving centers in the region that offer courses and organize diving trips in reefs and islets of the Saronic Gulf. The region of Nafplion is also great for sightseeing, as it provides easy road access to Epidaurus and Mycenae, two of the most important ancient sites in Greece.

Discover the best things to do in Nafplion

  • Explore the region
    Discover the sightseeings, beaches and villages of the area.
  • Eat & Drink
    Discover our selection with the best restaurants in the city.
  • Shopping
    Enjoy some shopping in the beautiful alleys of the city of Nafplio.
  • Scuba diving
    The sea region of Nafplion with the many reefs and sea caves make a great place for diving.
  • Watersports
    Enjoy some time on the beach by practicing some watersports activities.
  • Sea canoeing
    Discover the area from the sea, with a sea kayaking tour.
  • Workshops
    Discover the culinary tradition of the region with a cooking workshop.
  • Buy a House
    Have a look in our list with real estate agencies in Nafplion that can help you find or construct your perfect home there.