Monemvasia Local products

The production of wine is one of the most characteristic qualities of Monemvasia. In fact, the wines of Monemvasia have a great reputation even outside Greece. This is mainly because of the excellent taste of the Malvazia grapes, which are produced in the area since the 12th century. The fact of being organically produced is also another feature that enhanced the reputation of these wines. Usually, the Monemvasia wines have great color and taste.

The rock of Monemvasia has abundant vaults, which provide ideal conditions for the required fermentation and aging. Winepresses can be seen in many of the fields around the town. Apart from the wine-producing tradition, the agricultural uses have also been kept a long time until our days, giving excellent products as a result. The famous Greek olive oil, as well as citrus fruits, are included among them.

The most famous sweet of Monemvasia is amydgalota, made with almond and sesame and can be purchased in the local workshops of the town. Home-made pasta has become another specialty of Monemvasia.