Monemvasia Festivals & Cultural Events

Many festivals take place in Monemvasia all year round, but the summer festivals attract most visitors.

Religious feasts & festivals

Easter celebrations are very impressive in Monemvasia. On Maundy Thursday (aka Holy Thursday) is the celebration of the church of Christ Elkomenos (meaning Christ in Pain). On Holy Friday, the tomb of Christ is taken on litany in the alleys of Monemvasia Castle, with the municipal band escorting the procession.

Cultural events

Summer events
Many summer events are organized in the Castle and the New Town of Monemvasia Greece. These events include theatre performances, musical concerts, lectures, and art exhibitions.

July 23rd
On July 23rd, there is a festival celebrating the Liberation of Monemvasia from the Ottoman Turks during the Greek War of Independence of 1821. This is a very interesting and impressive festival.