Monemvasia Geography

The town of Monemvasia, one of the most romantic resorts in mainland Greece with interesting Medieval history, is located on the southeastern side of Peloponnese. It belongs to the prefecture of Laconia, whose capital is Sparti. The unique thing about Monemvasia is the way it has been built: the town is actually carved on a huge rock into the sea. This rock is not seen from the mainland and its entrance faces the sea. A narrow pathway connects it with the mainland.

The geography of Monemvasia is mainly rocky with a few green areas, surrounded by the endless sea. The region around Monemvasia is particularly wild and barren. The rocky landscape gives an austere characteristic to the region. There are not many cultivations in the area, except for olive groves. The nearest beach to Monemvasia is Pori, which gets pretty frequented in summer. The other beaches around Monemvasia are not that popular or suitable for swimming.

Driving in the inland from Monemvasia, there are many small, mountainous villages spread here and there, in the countryside or on the slopes of hills. These villages give a good view of traditional architecture and rural life in Laconia, the easternmost peninsula of Peloponnese. Roads can be winding and narrow in certain spots, due to the barren landscape.

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