Monemvasia Weather

The early summer and autumn months are nicely warm during the day and tend to get cooler at night. On the other hand, the high season months of July and August are hotter, with temperatures that may reach 40°C. However, high temperatures are tolerable thanks to the summer breezes, creating ideal conditions for a swim in the lovely waters of the beaches of Monemvasia and the surrounding places.

The mildness of winters also gives the chance of knowing Monemvasia during this season, as it tends to have sunny weather. However, take into account that from late December to early March the weather tends to get colder and occasionally stormy. In general, Monemvasia is characterized by a good climate, and many cruising and sailing companies stop there in case of having bad weather conditions in other locations like Mykonos, even if it is not included on the schedule as a destination.