Monemvasia Map

Monemvasia is one of the most historical towns of Peloponnese located close to the Lakonian coasts. It is mostly known as a medieval fortress, built entirely carved on a rock. The castle-town which is a sightseeing itself provides visitors with a plethora of beautiful sites like churches and fortresses, remains of its glorious past.

Moreover, Monemvasia is the birthplace of some of the most important personalities in arts and letters like the renowned writer Giannis Ritsos whose tomb lies there. Inside the castle walls, numerous churches exist that are worth visiting. The beaches of Monemvasia are equally impressive with crystalline waters.

This section proposes a map of Monemvasia with all the major locations.

Meanwhile, view a map of Monemvasia and where is Monemvasia.

Map Of Monemvasia