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Mostly known as Kamara, the Arch of Galerius was constructed in 305 AD to celebrate and commemorate the final victory of Roman general Galerius over the Persians. This victory is the main theme of the carved scenes on this arch, which was connected with the Palace of Galerius and the Rotonda. Today, Kamara is a popular passage way and meeting point in Thessaloniki.

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The Rotonda (or Rotunda) is an impressive circular building in the centre of Thessaloniki. It was originally constructed by Roman general Galerius in about 300 AD and in the late 4th century AD, it was turned into a Christian church and decorated with nice frescoes. When the town was conquered by the Ottomans, Rotonda was turned into a mosque. After it was liberated in the early 19th century, it first became a church again and then a sculpture museum.

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