Thessaloniki Roman Market

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Location: Egnatia

The Roman Market of Thessaloniki, Macedonia: The Roman Market of Thessaloniki is located at the center of the city, between Filippou and Olympou st. This spot was the center of activities of Thessaloniki for about 8 centuries, almost from the foundation of the town (3rd century B.C.) till the early Byzantine period (5th century A.D.).

During the Roman period, this marketplace represented the social and religious center of the town and had the most imposing buildings. The complex of the Roman market was constructed around a rectangular square. In the three sides, there were two lofts. The southern loft was seating at a double vaulting which was a semi-basement on the one side. On the eastern loft of the transept, there was a building display. According to a sign, it functioned as a conservatory. During the Byzantine Period, the buildings were deserted and destroyed by earthquakes or enemy invasions.

Excavations on the spot have revealed the mint, the conservatory, public buildings, a whorehouse, and a stoa. In this archaeological site, cultural events and concerts are organized in summer by the municipality.



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