Thessaloniki Waterworks Museum

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Location: Western Thessaloniki
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The Waterworks (Water Supply) Museum of Thessaloniki, Macedonia: The Waterworks (Water Supply) Museum of Thessaloniki is found in the western part of the town. It began operations in February 2001 and it is housed in the historical building named Old Pump House. The building actually belongs to the Thessaloniki Sewerage and Water Supply Company.

This museum of Thessaloniki was constructed to promote the idea of saving water, the precious natural resource and to make public aware of various issues, like reducing water wastage and protecting the environment. It informs people about the history of water supply to Thessaloniki. This museum has evolved as a data, research and documentation center regarding the past, present and future of water supply in Thessaloniki.

In its two halls, the museum displays the huge pumping units, old electricity circuit switchboards, motor machinery, and electricity generators. The first hall used to be the boiler room and had two steam-powered units. These units were used to pump water from 1894 to 1978. There is also a thorough display in this hall that shows how steam was produced to drive the steam engines.

The second hall displays the pumps, the first and second-generation diesel engines and the brush electricity generators, which were used for irrigation in Thessaloniki until 1978. The entire machinery is genuine. It has been well maintained and is in good working condition. One of the machines is open to visitors. Measuring instruments for the water supply network and the old components and tools used by repair teams are displayed in the rest of the building.



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