Zakynthos Helmis Natural History Museum

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Location: Agia Marina
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The Helmis Natural History Museum of Zakynthos is located in the small village of Agia Marina, only 15 km from the capital of the island. The mountainous nature of the village matches perfectly with the museum, whose exhibits represent the rich flora and fauna of Zakynthos. It is the only museum of natural history on the island.

The Museum of Natural History was established in August 2000 after Panagiotis Helmis' private initiative. Its aim is to make visitors aware of the rare ecosystem of Zakynthos, which varies from sandy beaches with sea turtles laying their eggs to lush forests in the center.

The building of the museum is modern and functional. With informative boards and representations of many scenes from nature, the museum presents more than 1,500 specimens from the flora, fauna and sea life of Zakynthos. Animals are represented in their natural environment, while visitors can also see collections of rare fish and birds. Other sections of the museum have mineral rocks and fossils with ancient plant and animal imprints.

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