Zakynthos Xenopoulos Museum

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The Museum of Gregorios Xenopoulos in Zakynthos is dedicated to the Greek playwriter Gregorios Xenopoulos. It was founded in 1998 and is housed in the Xenopoulos two-story ancestral residence, on Gaita Street, near the church of Agios Dionysios, where the writer spent his childhood. Some of the writer's manuscripts, novels, brochures, leaflets, photographs and magazine issues along with other family heirlooms are on display in the museum's rooms.

Gregorios Xenopoulos was born in Constantinople on 9th December 1867. His father originated from Zakynthos and they soon moved there, where Xenopoulos lived until 1883. He started studying at the University of Athens but soon quit his studies. His love for literature led him to become a poet and playwriter. Many of his articles, short stories and novels were published in newspapers and magazines.

In 1896, he published the magazine Diaplasis ton Paidon, a book with short stories for children. He also worked in other Greek newspapers, such as To Ethnos and Panathinea. In 1927, he founded another magazine called Nea Estia and was its director until 1934. He got married twice and had three daughters. Gregorios Xenopoulos passed away in January 1951.

Today he is considered the father of Greek prose and the leading personality of Greek children's literature. He also reformed the Greek theatre and, as an educator, guided the youth along the path of the virtues.



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