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Being the capital and main port of one of the Ionian's most famous islands, Zakynthos Town (or Zante Town) is a Greek traveling destination like no other, one which offers a mixture of sightseeing options, pebble-filled beaches and adrenaline-pumping nightlife for your liking!

Due to its rich history, dating back hundreds of years, this town is home to a wide variety of monuments, churches and historic streets and squares, covering a spectrum of activities, fit for every kind of visitor. In addition, Zante Town can provide everyone with a selection of restaurants and bars that, combined with the view, will make your visit to Zakynthos unforgettable.

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Villa Galanoussa

Villas4 keys

Villa Galanousa is a gorgeous two-floor stone villa with two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, a cozy living room, a retro balcony, and views over Zakynthos Town.



Hotel Rooms Junior Suites4 stars

Palatino Hotel is a four-star option in the center of Zakynthos Town, hosting rooms and suites with seaside views, a cafeteria, a restaurant, and off-site tennis facilities near the port.


Chris & Jo

Villas4 keys

Chris and Jo Villas are two villa apartments with cozy interiors, a fully-equipped kitchen, a private swimming pool, outdoor sitting facilities, and fantastic garden views.


Things to See & Do in Town

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    Island tour by bus

    Category: City, Day Trips

    Discover the non tourist side of Zakynthos in this lovely bus tour. See the traditional villages, the Shipwreck from above and the Blue Caves by boat.

    6 hours Map
    from € 31.00
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  • Best Seller

    Turtle Spotting Cruise on a Glass Bottom Boat

    Category: Island, Boat Tours

    Take unique photos of turtles at a close distance as you sail through the crystal clear waters off the coast of Zakynthos on a glass-bottomed boat. Explore the amazing Keri caves and cross the famous Arches from underneath.

    3 hours Map
    from € 30.00
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  • Dinner with Greek Dancing and Wine

    Category: Gastronomy, By Night

    Spend a memorable evening as you experience the well-known Zakynthian hospitality. Enjoy a night of traditional Greek food, free-flowing wine, music, and dancing in an idyllic setting.

    3 hours Map
    from € 45.00
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Brief History

Zakynthos has been a place of many inhabitants through the years, having been under the occupation of the Byzantines, the Angevins, Florentine's Tocchi dynasty, the French, the British, and mostly the Venetians. Hence, numerous cultural crossovers and distinctive Venetian elements are apparent throughout the island's capital.

Shortly after the 400-year Venetian takeover of the island, around the beginning of the 19th century, Zakynthos along with the rest of the Ionian islands were cornerstones for Greece's eventual Independence since Filiki Eteria, a revolutionary secret organization, had many members residing and unionizing in the Ionian. The island was united with the Greek state in 1864.

However, a succession of highly destructive earthquakes in August of 1953 tragically induced dozens of deaths, as well as the collapse of most of Zakynthos Town's buildings, effectively rendering every building but three uninhabitable. After many efforts in preserving anything they could, some of the most historical buildings of the capital were effectively rebuilt, in a collective effort to overcome these tough times.

Today, the island's capital is better preserved than ever and ready to host large amounts of visitors, showcasing everything that was rescued from its past.


There are a handful of sights worth visiting in Zante Town, starting from the Bohali Venetian Castle, a free-to-enter monument filled with Venetian remnants, which was partially restored after the devastating earthquakes. It's only a brief 20-minute hike away from the center of the town, plus it offers you a magnificent view over Zakynthos Town, too.

The church of patron saint Agios Dionysios, situated right outside the port, is a beautiful three-aisled basilica established in 1764, yet reconstructed around the mid-1940s, surviving the 1953 earthquakes. It is decorated with all sorts of artwork, ranging from the saint's sacred relics to awe-inspiring wooden carvings depicting moments of Agios Dionysios' life. Furthermore, new wings were added in the nearby monastery around 2000, like a museum and a conservation workshop.

Another great choice is the Post Byzantine Art Museum, located across Solomou Square, just a quarter away from the port on foot. It was built back in 1959 and its initial purpose was to host anything that could be salvaged after the destructive 1953 earthquakes and fires. Hence, it shows lots of artwork, as well as the progression of the island's influences. The admission fee is 4 euros.

Also, the Museum of Solomos, Kalvos, and Other Eminent Personalities is unique in its own way, hosting the mausoleum of national poet Dionysios Solomos and the remains of poet Andreas Kalvos and his wife. The museum features Cretan art from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as artwork from various prominent Zakynthos-based figures, like Nikolaos Lountzis and Antonios Matesis. The admission fee is 2-5 euros.

Moreover, the area seems to be a great place for casual strolling. You can take a walk around Saint Mark Square, a place of historical significance, characterized by protests for rebellion and freedom. Or maybe you'd prefer one of many pedestrian streets, like Solomos Square (named after the poet Dionysion Solomos) or even Roma street (right next to Saint Marc) which offers plenty of souvenir shops, or even the gorgeous promenade near the harbor!


Agia Triada beach is probably the only beach within the town's limits. Usually very populated, it offers visitors a coast full of small pebbles, some sunbeds for a great price, and a cozy outlet for anyone looking to spend some relaxing time whilst not having to go far from the city center.

Other than that, however, almost all of the island's most revered beaches are further away, so consider the option of taking a tour bus from Zakynthos Town towards other parts of the island or renting a car and driving yourself to one of the regional beaches. If you decide to visit the rest of Zante, don't miss out on catching a ferry and visiting Navagio beach (also called Shipwreck beach), a world-famous secluded beach with eye-catching bright blue waters, widely regarded as one of the prettiest beaches around the globe.

Also, Laganas beach is no more than 8kms away from Zante Town, making it a 20-minute drive and quite a rewarding one, too. Laganas is one of the most renowned beaches all around the Ionian, offering various watersports, budget-friendly umbrellas and sunbed sets, and a plethora of bars that, along with its crystal clear waters, make for an amazing experience!

Restaurants and Nightlife

Plentiful restaurants are spread around Zante Town, especially along the promenade next to the port, ranging from low-budget family taverns with seafood to high-class restaurants if you're searching for a fine dining experience.

Zante Town, along with the rest of the island, is the most famous amongst the Ionian islands for its cocktail beach bars and wild nightlife. During the summer months, a couple of clubs are open and ready for everyone to enjoy within walking distance from the port. Though, the overwhelming majority of clubs are in Laganas, which is around 15 minutes away by car, so you could have many more options if you don't mind taking a taxi or if there's a driver around (don't drink and drive, safety first!).

If an all-nighter inside a loud club sounds a bit much for you, you can always have a relaxed coffee in a cafeteria, or a drink in one of the many bars and beach bars near the port too! There are over a dozen for you to choose from, so grab your favorite drink and have a great time!


A lot of different options are available for your stay, ranging from simple 3-star hotels to luxurious 5-star mansions, and depending on the time of year, a nice room can be booked for as low as 40 euros a day. However, if you're looking for something more high-end, most villas and accommodations are located near Bochali, a few minutes away from Zakynthos Town.

Ways to Move Around

Sadly, there is no public transportation around Zakynthos Town, even though some intercity KTEL buses connect it with the most touristy locations. However, there are plenty of car and motorcycle rentals around, which you can use to your advantage, as well as taxi cabs. The majority of sights are pretty close to the port and the main area of Zante Town, so if most of your visiting choices are near the center, you could get away with no transportation at all.


2 Reviews
  • Jan Whiting 25 Sep 2022
    I loved this place! So beautifully peaceful with glorious views. A very interesting place to visit.
  • olgapet 02 Sep 2008
    A town with great culture
    The town of Zakynthos is just lovely. Beautiful squares and neoclassical buildings, cafeterias with excellent views to the castle and many gift shops to stroll around. I especially loved Bochali, it is a suburb of Zakynthos with green trees and some hills to overview the area. Visit the houses of Solomos and of Xenopoulos, they will give you a good aspect of the town's culture.